Gold Doors

Written by Deakin

Requirement: Rescue the daughter of a shopkeeper in the Imperial Castle Town

The Miracle Key you got for rescuing the daughter from the old man in the Imperial Castel Town opens the gold doors. Here is a list with all locations of the gold doors and their content:

Shrine of Mave:

Book of Experience
(secret chamber behind the room in the east)

Pirate’s Hideout:

Old Glass Bottle, Haunted Treasures, Bandit’s Glove
(room reached through a hidden path in the wall in the northwest)

Imperial Fort:

Old Glass Bottle
(in the room north of the Porter, where you
rescued Dingo)

Sandora Tribe Hometown:

Old Glass Bottle
(next to Rahab’s tent)


Old Glass Bottle
(east of the entrance, reached from the northeast of the room)

Imperial Castle Town:

Stun Save
(in the eastern part of the town)