Mave – Part One

Written by Deakin

Requirement: Been to the underworlde, reached level 65

After you have been to the Prayer Shrine, Mave will react differently if you talk to her. Choose that you are uncertain about your goal and she will offer a battle against her to prepare you for the battle against Ishtry. After you accept a boss battle against Mave begins.

Strategy Hint: Don't use Oreana for this battle. Switch her for another physical/melee character like Lemming Hero or Lauren.

Boss: Mave (+2 Snipe Pixie)
Stats: Mave = 5,000 HP, Snipe Pixie = 3,200 HP
Skills: Sonic Boom -> strong attack to whole team
Calamity Star -> heavy magic damage to whole team
Rewards: 70000 EXP | 8250 Gold
Battle Reward: Moon Ore

This is a rare battle where Oreana is not a good choice to have in the team. The constant presence of Spell Reflect makes her magic power useless at best and in the worst case kills your team. The good thing is, all physical special attacks are not affected by Spell Reflect.

Mave is very dangerous if she uses one of her special attack skills Sonic Boom or Calamity Star. Both deal heavy damage to all your team members. I recommend that one member has the Treasure of Light equipped and is charged to use. It will give your team a good buff for a while. Start the battle by attacking Mave with strong single target attacks like Heracles Blow, Rapid Slice or Divine Blow.

Use Elysha or Milka to heal your team each turn. Don’t bother buffing your team with offensive or defensive buffs. The battle is not noticeably shorter that way.

If your team is in good condition steal the Crystal of Life from Mave. If you feel your team can withstand a round without healing you can also throw in a Lost Guard on the enemy to increase the physical damage inflicted by your team.

With this tactic Mave should fall in around 8 rounds. The Snipe Pixies don’t have any strong attacks to harm your team significantly so the rest will be no problem. The battle should actually be over in around 10 turns.