Mave – Part Three

Written by Deakin

Requirement: Been to the underworld and beat Mave twice, reached level 85

Again this battle is available immediately after you beat Mave twice but the 3rd and last battle against Mave can be considered the ultimate boss fight of the game. So you really want to prepare yourself for this battle because Mave won’t hold back this time.

The standard team (Main, Grieg, Milka, Oreana) is again enough to beat this boss. I posted the ideal equipment below. As Mave is resistant to light attacks I would change the sword Ruksgram for the Claiomh Solais. Also equipment that reduces magic damage (like Orichalcum and Argent) help a lot in this battle.

Ultimate Saves or at least All Saves are necessary to keep your team alive too.

Equipment suggestion





Boss Battle

Boss: Mave (+2 Goddess of the Winds)
Stats: Mave = 12,000 HP, GotW = 5,200 HP
Skills: Riot Rave -> randomly hits team 6 times
Destruct -> heavy magic damage to team
Frozen Time -> renders one charcter unable to move
Divine Justice -> 4 extremely strong random hits on your team
Rewards: 90000 EXP | 13500 Gold
Battle Reward: Victor Heart

Start by casting Rapid Slice with your main and Heracles Blow with Grieg. Use Spell Reflect with Oreana on your main. With Milka use Lost Guard on the enemies. For the following turns repeat the actions with your main and Grieg whenever possible to keep up the damage output. Also try to maintain the Spell Reflect effect on your main and Grieg to protect them from magic damage.

Milka will heal each turn to keep the HP of the team members up. Since two of your team members have Spell Reflect on them you can’t use All Cure or other magic heal spells so you have to use Miracle Aroma and Goddess Scent. If she uses Riot Rave twice before you could heal then maybe one or two team members will die. In this case don’t attack and resurrect and heal before attacking again.

Divine Justice will be preceded by a message where Mave spreads her Wings. If it hits the same character twice that could mean the death of this character so prepare to heal or resurrect your team members.

Destruct deals some damage too but can be countered with a Miracle Aroma. Frozen Time can’t be cured and will prevent a character from making any action for 3 turns. If you are equipped as above then the Curse Scream attack from the GotW won’t be a problem. Their Hard Tempest can be annoying though if you are already on low health with your team.

They cast Aegis shield frequently which protects them and Mave from all damage for this turn. This will stall the battle and drain your MP if you used skills that afford many mana points. If you used Rapid Slice and Heracles Blow with your main and Grieg regularly then you will run out of mana during the battle. Use Legend Plums to get them back to action. After around 25 turns the battle should be over.