Moon Forest – Part Two

Written by Deakin

Requirement: Received the bird Onlin from Mave and entered the Forest at night , reached level 80

Enter the Moon Forest at night and make your way to the Lemming X again. Before you talk to him make sure to equip all the Ultimate Saves you have or alternatively All Save. You will only have to worry about physical attacks so equip Adamant and Orichalcum to two of your characters. You should also be able to spare some Revival Potions and Goddess Scent.

When you’re ready then talk to Lemming X. You will need two characters to heal/revive most of the time every round. The standard team (Main, Grieg, Milka, Oreana) works but you could also change Oreana for someone with more HP like Lauren/Hero or even Elysha (in additon to her healing abilities she has a strong physical attack when equiped with her moon ore weapon).

Boss: Lemming X ( +2 Stand Lemming)
Stats: Lemming X = 7,800 HP, Stand Lemming = 4,500 HP
Skills: Lemming Blast -> physical attack to a row
Pure Divine Blow -> 999 damage to one team member
Shadow Run -> multiples strong hits against random members
Lunatic Ray -> very strong attack to whole team
Rewards: 80000 EXP | 10600 Gold
Battle Reward: Moon Medallion

Start by attacking Lemming X with Rapid Slice and Heracles Blow with your Main Hero and Grieg. Use a Miracle Aroma with Oreana, and cast Lost Guard with Milka. Always try to use Rapid Slice and Heracles Blow each turn if possible. Only use them to revive others when if needed.

Pure Divine Blow will kill one team member so prepare to revive afterwards. The most annoying attacks are Shadow Run and Lunatic Ray. Shadow Run can kill multiple team members if they have less than 65% HP. It’s vital that you keep your HP at max level each turn. Use All Cure with Milka each turn or even Goddess Scent if necessary.

Only use your Main Hero and Grieg to attack, and use the others to support your team in any way that is required. When Lost Guard wears off use it again to keep the damage output on Lemming X up.

The Ultimate Saves will negate all status effects so you have one thing less you have to worry about. Unfortunately one character can’t equip an Ultimate Save or the Hero’s Armor so you may have to clear status effects on this character sometimes.

Don’t get cocky when you don’t get heavily hit for a turn - healing every turn is a necessity because sometimes he casts Shadow Run twice in a turn or Shadow Run and Lunatic Ray together which will surely kill at least one team member.