Old Glass Bottle Collector

Written by Deakin

Requirement: Acquired the ship from the pirates after rescuing their chief

South of Prose Village on a peninsula (location 9 on the world map) lives a man who collects ‘Old Glass Bottle’. He will give you a reward if you accumulated a specific amount of the bottles. If you follow the walkthrough you will collect every bottle there is in the game.
You can also check the amount of bottles you collected in the key item inventory. Here is a list with the location of each bottle and their cumulative rewards:

Number of Bottles Location (in chronological order) Reward
1 Forest of Confusion (hidden treasure) Spirit Crystal
2 Ancient Ruins (see sidequest ‘ Sliver Doors’) Golden Fruits
3 Port Town of Nex (see sidequest ‘ Sliver Doors’) Hunter's Goggles
4 Tyde Cave
5 Ilyuse Forest Alchemy Mail
6 Cave of Flames
7 Ruins of Darkness Bandit’s Gloves
8 Mount Egma
9 Pirate’s Hideout (see sidequest ‘Gold Doors’) Mirage Cape
10 Imperial Fort (see sidequest ‘Gold Doors’)
11 Sandora Town (see sidequest ‘Gold Doors’) Accolade Heart
12 Pyramid (see sidequest ‘Gold Doors’)
13 Imperial Castle Fighting Armor
14 Oracle Mountain
15 Traveler’s Inn (see sidequest section) Book of Experience
16 Shrine of Light
17 Storei Village (see sidequest section) Ultimate Save
18 Moon Forest (see sidequest section)
19 Cave of Chaos Moon Ore
20 Shrine of Ishtry Robe of the Omnibeing