Lemming Hero

Written by Deakin

LV Name Description MP
Nursing Restores on ally's HP a little 3
Drowsiness High probability of inflicting 'Sleep' on all enemies. You sleep too. 6
Shock Dash Physical attack damage to enemies in a line. 10
Tidy Up Clears abnormal state and status drop of one ally. 5
Nurse All Restores all allies' HP 10
Lemming Blast No-element magic damage on a row. 15
35 Biting Inflicts physical damage on an enemy and absorbs HP. 8
40 Earthshaker Roar Inflicts physical damage on an enemy along with 'Disarray'. 10
50 Divine Blow High physical damage on an enemy; protection ineffective. 18
60 Pure Divine Blow Inflicts set damage of 999 on an enemy. 50