Illusion of L’Phalcia

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Daniel x2 says:
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Exceeds expectations

Illusion of L´Phalcia is a game that has its mistakes like all games and that at times has broken animations that make you give several Palm-faces. Even so, let me tell you that fortunately they are details that do not kill you the experience of the game. Well, the strengths of the game are enough to overshadow the great areas of opportunity that illusion of L´Phalcia has. In addition, the argument, although it may feel threshed, makes you intrigued with knowing that it will happen. In addition, the relationship between Ryser and Tiana is fabulous and injects a lot of life into the title. If we add that the game offers a great challenge through battles that will put you at times behind the ropes. In addition to a combat system with 5 warriors. It only makes me recommend this game a lot … Besides the price!

  • The relationship between Ryser and Tiana
  • Battle system
  • Characters
  • Team battles of 5
  • Argument that keeps you interested
  • Voice dubbing
  • Music
  • Price
  • Good points overshadow bad ones
  • Good side quest for get the true endinf
  • Nice but simple world
  • It is only in English
  • 3d animations leave much to be desired

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