Written by 1oldtymer

There may be more quests (subquests), but these are all I could find.  Some are in the postgame (not sure which, but perhaps #15-20).

# Title Client Place
01 Desir the Hoarder Desir Item Shop, Capital of Freesia - West
02 Irie Chaser Belle Inn, Capital of Freesia - East
03 Irie Chaser II Belle Item Shop, Anemone Village
04 Lovers' Mailman Marcus Equipment Shop, Fils Village
05 Chemical Development Anne Inn, Kirsch Town
06 Cooking With Cougar Susanna Indoors, Narke Lodge
07 Irie Chaser III Belle Outdoors, Narke Lodge
08 Desir the Hoarder II Desir Inn, Port Rosage - North
09 Marine Treasure Juno Inn, Port Rosage - West
10 Stolen Bracelet Maple Inn, Alpicoco Village - West
11 Budding Evil Arthur Entrance, Castle Gardenia - West
12 Irie Chaser IV Belle Item Shop, Capital of Gardenia
13 Junior Officer Training George Entrance, Castle Freesia
14 Desir the Hoarder III Desir Inn, Capital of Gardenia
15 Dragon Scale Lewis Equipment Shop, Capital of Freesia
16 Find the Rookie Seeker Matthew Inn, Anemone Village
17 Recover New Product Taurus Inn, Fils Village
18 Wish Upon a Stone Pupu Equipment Shop, Alpicoco Village
19 Flame of Iris Will Entrance, Castle Gardenia - East
20 Hidden Interests Carol Entrance, Castle Freesia