Treasure Checklist

  • Treasures are really simple to find (266 total treasure chests).
  • The dungeons aren’t overwhelmingly vast or complicated, and (happy dance!) the mini-map works in dungeons, towns, and buildings. To get to a few of the chests, you’ll need the Heavy Boots obtainable from any of the Arena Exchanges (Royal City, Caesius, Imperial City) for 381 coins. (The first Arena to open is in Caesius.)
Bidahyl Cave
Traste Mine
Royal City
Town of Santahre
Iltana Woods
Municipality of Caesius
Yurah Tunnel
Rudowa Pass
Village of Nikka
Ordo Quarry
Town of Biwal
Skulge Fort
Kanbio Prison
Imperial City Castle
Underground Installation
Village of Noredje
Royal Library
Balco Woods
Rhani Cave
Vole Tower
Mt. Valhyt
DeInye Scrapyard