Weapon List

Written by 3beez

Weapon Skill Attack Where to Obtain
Spanner Knife Double Slash 20 Original equipment
Smart Knife Robo Retriever 32 Chest, Traste Mine
Short Sword Triple Slash 42 Royal City, Santahre shops
Buster Knife Hard Strike 50 Chest, Iltana Woods
Long Sword Ground Sweeper 64 Caesius shop
Thunder Sword Robo Shocker 76 Chest, Yurah Tunnel
Gladius Hexa Slash 86 Porta shop
Blood Sword Robo Sucker 120 Chest, Rudowa Pass
Buster Sword Robo Bomber 108 Porta shop
Great Sword Grand Buster 130 Biwal shop
Genocide Knife Slice 'n Dice 144 Arena Exchange
Brave Sword Raging Heart 160 Imperial City shop
Spark Blade Robo Blitzer 242 Arena Exchange
Valtenia Sword Robo Vacuum 180 Noredje shop
Crystal Sword Razor Slicer 220 Royal City shop
Excalibur X-Slash 260 Chest, DeInye Scrapyard
Ragnarok Magnum Saber 310 Chest, Balco Woods blocked area
Enblaze Platinum Shaft 360 Arena Exchange
Disarmonia Ultima Slash 530 Caesius Inn, old man NPC, Rondylite required
Toy Sword Innocent Heart 22 Subquest 16
(Note: From what I can tell, all except 2 are obtainable from monster drops.)

Weapon Skill Attack Customize
Added EXP
Where to Obtain
White Gloves Clenched Fists 20 8 Original Equipment
Elastic Crystal Sticky Stick 25 12 Chest, Bidahyl Cave
Chest, Royal City Castle
Motion Crystal Charge 30 20 Chest, Yurah Tunnel
Poison Crystal Poison Attack 35 32 Chest, Nikka
Talon Crystal Scratch 40 48 Chest, Traste Mine
Chest, Ordo Quarry
Silence Crystal Silence Attack 45 68 Chest, Santahre
Generator Core Knuckle Sandwich 50 92 Monster Drop - see Bestiary
Paralysis Crystal Paralysis Attack 55 120 Chest, Rudowa Pass
Confusion Crystal Panic Dust 60 152 Chest, Caesius
Drain Crystal HP Absorb 65 188 Chest, Skulge Fort
Psyche Crystal SP Absorb 70 228 Chest, Ordo Quarry
Chest, Royal Library
Break Crystal Armor Break 75 272 Chest, Imperial City Castle
Dance Crystal Battle Dance 80 320 Chest, Biwal
Beast Crystal Bite 85 372 Monster Drop - see Bestiary
Fowl Crystal Straight Descent 93 414 Chest, Kanbio Prison
Recovery Crystal Treatment 101 459 Chest, Rudowa Pass
Reflect Crystal Reflect Guard 109 507 Chest, Royal Library
Chest, Mt. Valhyt
Upper Soul Airborne 117 558 Chest, Rhani Cave
Giant Crystal Stomp 125 612 Chest, Biwal
Chest, Vole Tower
Chest, Underground Installation
Pierce Crystal Hurl 133 669 Chest, Ordo Quarry
Chest, Mt. Valhyt
Fog Crystal Absolute Evade 181 1074 Chest, Imperial City Castle
Chest, Vole Tower
Chest, Underground Installation
Berserk Soul Rampage 149 792 Chest, Underground Installation
Death Crystal Countdown 157 858 Chest, Royal Library
Sword Crystal Amputate 165 927 Chest, Balco Woods
Accel Core Triple Attack 173 999 Chest, Rhani Cave
Chest, Mt. Valhyt
Chest, Vole Tower
Missile Core Missile 141 729 Chest, Mt. Valhyt
Adamantine Crystal Mow Down 189 1152 Chest, Kanbio Prison
Dust Crystal Sandstorm 197 1233 Chest, DeInye Scrapyard
Acid Crystal Acid Rain 229 1317 Chest, DeInye Scrapyard
Lower Soul Flick 213 1375 Chest, Noredje
Chest, DeInye Scrapyard
Vulcan Core Vulcan Cannon 221 1435 Chest, DeInye Scrapyard
Light Core Laser Beam 205 1497 Chest, Noredje
Scale Crystal Scale Shot 261 1561 Arena Exchange
Chest, Vole Tower
Earth Crystal X-Crusher 285 1627 Chest, Bidahyl Cave
Vile Crystal Curse Invasion 293 1695 Monster Drop - see Bestiary
Typhoon Core Blast Missile 277 1765 Chest, Balco Woods blocked area
Sharp Crystal Storm Edge 269 1837 Chest, Kanbio Prison Locked Area
Chest, Rhani Cave
Dark Crystal Fireworks 237 1911 Chest, Kanbio Prison Locked Area
Hydrazine Core Alpha Cannon 245 1987 Monster Drop - see Bestiary
Teardrop Crystal Hydro Wave 253 2065 Chest, Kanbio Prison Locked Area
Chest, DeInye Scrapyard
Inferno Crystal Dragon Breath 301 2145 Arena Exchange
Negative Crystal Inferno 309 2227 Monster Drop - see Bestiary
Thunder Crystal Spark Viper 317 2311 Arena Exchange
Violent Crystal Scramble 325 2397 Arena Exchange
Impact Core Back Impact 333 2573 Arena Exchange
Load Crystal Neo Inferno 341 2753 Arena Exchange
Magnetos Core Omega Cannon 349 2937 Arena Exchange
Extinction Crystal Phosphorescence 357 3125 Arena Exchange
Anathema Crystal Last Sorcery 365 3317 Arena Exchange
Explosive Crystal Big Bang 373 3513 Arena Exchange
Fierce Crystal Final Eleven 381 3713 Arena Exchange
Stalling Core Equal Absorb 428 3917 Arena Exchange
Demise Crystal Last Inferno 439 4125 Arena Exchange
Specular Crystal Mass Reflector 452 4337 Arena Exchange ONLY
Titanium Core Overdrive 461 4553 Arena Exchange
Force Crystal Hyper Impact 472 4773 Arena Exchange
Dark Crystal [Yes, again. They used the same name twice.] Dark Inferno 482 4997 Arena Exchange
Vacuum Crystal Absorbing Flurry 501 5225 Arena Exchange
Gemini Core Sonic Barrage 513 5457 Arena Exchange
Void Crystal Heartless Judgment 540 17088 Arena Exchange ONLY
Weapon Skill Attack Obtain
Eleftherian Pistol Doubler 38 Original equipment
Silent Ire Silenced 42 Chest, Santahre
Santahre Revolver Shadow Shot 60 Caesius shop
Shotgun Spread Shot 52 Chest, Iltana Woods
Caesius Type-Q Booster 80 Porta shop
Stun Gun Stun Blow 92 Chest, Rudowa Pass
Phantom Ray Magic Shot 100 Nikka shop
Glaive Wolf Lonely Wolf 120 Biwal shop
Stinger Sky Dive 122 Chest, Ordo Quarry
Valtenian Gatlinger Random Shot 140 Imperial City shop
Tempest Dead or Alive 134 Arena Exchange
Hunter x Hunter Lucky Revolver 170 Noredje shop
Dandy Roar Dandyism 232 Arena Exchange
Amorphis Double Focus 210 Royal City shop
Skyfire Zero Launch 248 Chest, DeInye Scrapyard
Storm Lord Storm Shout 298 Chest, Balco Woods blocked Area
Terrorizer Around Shot 348 Arena Exchange
Last Impaler Banish Raid 506 Caesius Inn, old man NPC, Rondylite required
Cork Gun Money Shot 20 Chest, Mt. Valhyt
Weapon Skill Attack Where to Obtain
Large Memo Pad What's that?! 54 Original Equipment
Old-Looking Book This is a blessing from Gaia! 66 Chest, Caesius
Caesius Encyclopedia What are you saying? 76 Porta shop
Refined Book You got a thing for me? 89 Chest, Yurah Tunnel
Dated Dictionary What's the matter? 98 Nikka Shop
Hardback Book Look out! 130 Chest, Rudowa Pass
Thick Diary You're bothering me! 120 Biwal shop
Thunderous First Edition Nice! 162 Chest, Kanbio Prison
Magic Guide My turn! 142 Imperial City shop
Highly Flammable Book Burn baby burn! 126 Arena Exchange
Valtenian Treatise No need to hold back! 170 Noredje shop
Paradox Let's see what happens! 226 Arena Exchange
Statute Guidebook Punishment from above! 202 Royal City shop
Thickest-Book-Ever You're going down! 232 Chest, DeInye Scrapyard
Legendary Writ Your power is mine! 282 Chest, Kanbio Prison Locked Area
Extreme Magic Manual I can move! 342 Arena Exchange
Ultra Magic Tome I'm invincible! 540 Caesius Inn, old man NPC, Rondylite required
Flimsy Book Is this really okay? 16  Santahre. From Vyse, the NPC from subquest 14. (After defeating Lugner.)