Written by 3beez

01 Clean Water

Client: Lita in Callum

I'm running short on Purification Herbs used to clean the water brought in by the waterwheel. Could I get you to go and get me some more? They grow just outside the village.

Reward: Recovery Box (S)

02 Broken Radio

Client: Scott in Callum

I need you to fix my radio. If you use one of the old junk parts in Traste Mine, you should be able to do it.

Reward: Camp Set x2

03 Immobile Robot

Client: Huey in the Royal City

Please bring me 3 Natural Oil that come from the Treants inhabiting the area around Santahre.

Reward: Talon Crystal x14

04 Eco Battery

Client: Emissary in Santahre

Obtain 6 Gold Powder used in the making of vehicle batteries from the Parawings that inhabit Iltana Woods.

Reward: All Heal (S) x6

05 Data Collection

Client: Tucker in Caesius

I want you to collect some data on the Goblins living on Caesius Island. Killing 7 of them should be enough.

Reward: Recovery Box (M)

06 Managed Nature

Client: Luther in Eleftheria Castle

I've received reports of something unusual happening in Iltana Woods. Therefore, I warn you to be extra careful when you go to investigate.

Reward: Luxury Campset x2

07 Dreams of Riches

Client: Conner in Portia

What do you say to making ourselves filthy rich? What I need you to do is bring back some of the Gold-Flecked Mud from Yurah Tunnel. Sound simple enough?

Reward: 25000 gold

08 Out of Control Swine

Client: Village Chief in Nikka

We've got a big problem with Angry Hogs in the area ravaging our crops. Could I get you to kill 12 of them?

Reward: Confusion Crystal x10, HP and SP restored

09 An Apprentice's Hangup

Client: Smithy in Nikka

Now my master has repaired the bridge, I'm going to need some Building Stone to get it looking nice. I want you to go find some for me in Ordo Quarry!

Reward: Attack Drink x2

10 Step One to Collecting

Client: Herrick in Biwal

I want you to snag 9 Anchor bolts off the Mecha Cannons up there at Skulge Fort. Ha ha ha…

Reward: Lower Soul x10

11 A Brother's Letter

Client: Tadd in Noredje

I want you to deliver a letter to my younger brother in the Imperial City. His name is Duncan.

Reward: Upper Soul x23

12 Uneasiness Among the People

Client: Calvin in Royal City

In order to quell the rising anxiety of the residents in the Imperial City, please destroy 16 Scout robots in the installation beneath Valtenia Castle.

Reward: Berserk Soul x13

13 A Missing Master

Client: Maid in the Imperial City

My master has still not returned and I fear the worst. Could I get you to look for him in Rudowa Pass?

Reward: Recovery Crystal x41

14 A Fabled Book

Client: Vyse in Santahre

I want you to search out the legendary Thin Book that's supposed to be in a secret library somewhere here in the Kingdom.

Reward: Vulcan Core x6

15 Qualifications

Client: Beau in Caesius

If you think a nobody like yourself has what it takes to be Chelsea's escort, think again! I'll be the one to be the judge of that!

Reward:Junk Stuff (L)

Solution:Weapon-book, Preferred drink-cider, Age-…(ellipsis)

NOTE:  The following subquests are available on second playthrough and with 1-15 completed. 

16 Last Mission

Client: U-3129 in Porta

Your MisSion is To MasTer Using This Toy Sword…

Reward: Light Core x5 and you get to keep the Toy Sword

17 A Man's Fight

Client: Owl in Caesius (This will also initiate Subquest 18.)

Please investigate an island at the center of the world and defeat 6 Red Ursus living there, so their data can be collected.

Reward: HP Capsule x2

18 A Woman's Desire

Client: Estelle and Chelsea

We need 5 Resilient Fangs from the Chargers that live on the island at the center of the world, so Popin can use them to make a special diet tea for us!

Reward: SP Capsule x2

Solution: After obtaining the Resilient Fangs, speak to Popin in the first room of the Caesius Lab.