Treasure Map Locations

Written by MSG Commander

There are multiple "Treasure Maps" hidden throughout the game. Each map reveals a location on the game's "World Map" where you can dig for hidden treasure. When you travel to that area on the World Map, you'll see a shining star, and if you use a Dig Set in that spot you'll get the treasure.

Below is a list of all Treasure Maps that have been found by myself and other players in the forum. (Shout out to J. D. Guy for helping to complete the list.)

1. Rest Stop

2. Town of Hudor

3. Capital City

4. Shrine of Radiance

5. Trystelia Castle

6. Village of Roesch

7. Town of Cammer

8. Apostle Headquarters

NOTE: Later in the game, you can also farm Treasure Maps from Hope-Filled Barrels and Unknown Barrels. The best place to do this is the Barrel Regions, marked on this map. (Thanks to 3beez for this tip.)