Location Walkthrough

Written by Azyleo


The location walkthrough contains a detailed step by step guide to the game. I have listed almost every treasure and how to get them (there are some that I was not able to list. There can be many reasons; one could be that I was lazy or the other would be that I found it too difficult to explain the procedure of how to get them. Nevertheless, I have only done this in two dungeons). Each area and boss battle has a recommended level listed to them. While you do not need to be close to the level I have so mentioned, being so will make the game very easy.


Skills in this game are not learned by conventional means. Meaning, you do not learn Skills while leveling up, you learn them by acquiring proficiency points on your weapon. You learn skills at an interval of 50 points, which range from 0p to 1100p, learning approximately 22 skills.

Each weapon has its own proficiency but the skills learned by each weapon is the same.  Hence it is recommended to transfer points from the old weapon onto the new one.

There are some weapons which have built in skills which can be used regardless if the player has earned the points to unlock that certain skill. These weapons provide a very helpful boost in one’s own arsenal.

This guide contains list of every skill all 4 characters can learn at certain points.

The player earns 1 point every battle or 10 points every boss battle they win to the current weapon they are holding. Please note that Arena battles do not count in this.

New Game+

The game has two routes, Normal and True route. The normal route is the route you play when you first start the game which eventually leads to the Normal Ending. The New Game+ opens a path to the True Ending route and various other perks as well. Let me list all the New Game+ perks this game has to offer: