Amnadi Hill

Written by Azyleo

Recommended Level: 22 Enemies: Brigand, Berserk Lizardman, Brutal Ogre, Winged Dragon

Head a bit forward to trigger a scene.

After the scene head north, the northwest, then east, and go down the stairs for a chest containing “Lazy Bones x5.” Then go further east, and go down the stairs and enter the cave on the west for two chests containing “Floating Moss x8” and the other containing “Power Bottle x3.” Exit the screen and enter the south entrance.

On this screen, before heading down the stairs go east and open the chest containing “Floating Moss x8,” and then head down the stairs and a scene kicks in.

NOTE: The purple marsh is very much like spikes but these not only hurt you, but inflict poison on you as well. Though, these can be easily taken care of by using “Floating Moss.”

Avoid the marsh land and head south. There is a Chest on the west containing “Invite Orb.” The entrance on the north takes you in a screen with a chest containing “Ore (S) x7.” Exit the screen then head east, then you have two options:

Head north for past the stairs towards the chest containing “Recovery Stone x2.”

Or head south. There is nothing west of here so go east up the stairs, then head southeast, then north, and then down the stairs.

Now in the three passages, head east, then north, then all the way west till you see a chest containing “Mana Juice x3.” Then head north up the stairs, then east up the stairs again and west for a chest containing “Avenger.” ( A good weapon, but use it only if you want Yusis to die often ).

Head back to where you found the chest previous to the one you found “Avenger” in, then take the other north route, then east to the next screen.

On this screen, north of here is a chest containing “HP Orb x2.” Now go south, then east and step on the Healing Fount, and prepare for the upcoming boss battle.

Head north to trigger a scene (well looks like Laminah likes cute things, Yusis has stalker problems and Cynthia has a complex…. Well Anemos looks like the most normal one here…..)

Boss Battle



Recommended Level: 26

Strategy: Well looks like she is as fast as Sonic, never expected that from someone who is always drunk right?

Anyways she always uses “Southern Lights” on her first turn which is an AOE Attack and reduces ATK and INT by 1.

When you get your turn, lower her DEF & SPD.

After this the battle will resume normally. She will rarely use skills, so beat the heck out of her.


After the battle, your new destination is Shrine of Anemoi (remove the “s” In Anemos and Slap the “I” in).

Anyways go east to the next screen, then go south from here for a chest containing “Burst Cookie x8.” Now exit the area.

Go south from here, then go south east (don’t take the narrow south path) till you reach the shrine.