Written by Azyleo

After watching some few scenes in the beginning the game shifts to a black haired boy who looks like your everyday Teenager.

Once in control of your character you can do two things:

Examine Yusis's room, if you want to. On the desk is a doll of Kemco’s/Exe-Create’s patent game character Enah! (Small Trivia: She is from Alphadia Series and the only character that has appeared in every single Alphadia game!)

Or exit the room from the passage south. Once out, you can examine the tapestry on the wall and Yusis's parents room (which you obviously can't enter). After fiddling around, head south to exit the room to only find yourself at the entrance of your house.

You can examine the door here. After examining, head south to trigger a scene with Yusis's Mom. After that scene, the game begins.

Enter Kreisia

After the scene with Cynthia, do not forget to equip Yusis the equipment which was given to you. Also give the Vitality Orb to Cynthia, since she has a very poor defense. Also set her Formation to Rearguard as well. Set Yusis to Vanguard.

There is a secret passage, south to the pot of water on the right, but you can ignore that passage for now. However if you find any secret passages anywhere else, you should investigate them. (To make them clear, the walls are slightly damaged, making them easy to spot in most cases.)

After that, head south to leave the cottage. Go south again to leave the area and enter the Over world. Go south again to enter the East Breezy Woods.