Capital City

Written by Azyleo

Note: Enemies will now change!!!

From the Town of Hudor, go southeast and then keep going south past the small lake, and then go east and then directly northeast, then north all the way till you see a Castle, which is the Capital City.

I recommend leveling up to Level 16 and make sure, that Yusis and Cynthia’s Weapons have 150p in them.

Also while leveling, be sure to steal lots of vines from Evil Dionaea.

The Capital City

After the scene with the townsfolk, go west and talk to the maid outside the Inn for a subquest.

Sub Quest # 03: Pick Me a Rose, Please!

You heard the girl, get right to it. Your targets are 4 roses:

Take the Roses back to the maid to complete the quest.

Reward:  Burst Pie x3

Now, with that out of the way……..

After you have done the above, restock your healing items and buy new weapons and armors for your characters. The Chant master is located inside the Inn.

Also be sure to buy many “Floating Moss”.

The City also has a Battle arena, but I will go in detail about it later. Right now, you are way too weak to stand even one round there.

After you have done everything, go directly north from the entrance and a scene will trigger (It might have been triggered already when you were doing the above).

Anyways enter the Castle, and keep going north past the stairs, then go north to the next screen again, till you trigger a scene with the King Welkin.

After the scene, exit the castle, go south and you will get a scene. After it has ended, exit the city.