Cave of Solum

Written by Azyleo

Recommended Level: 5
Enemies: Hermit Crab, Blue Slime

After entering, heading east a little triggers a scene. After the scene, head east, but before you get to the water, take the secret passage leading to the southwest to get "Warding Card x2."

Now go back to the main passage, then south, then west, then south again, then open the chest to the east for “Intelligence Bottle x4.” Then head south to the next screen.

Walk south a little to trigger a scene. After the scene, head east. To the south there is a chest containing “ Mana Chocolate x4.” Then head north and enter the caves opening.

Head north and before the two way, there is a secret passage between the two walls which leads to a chest containing “Emergency Shield x3.” Exit the secret passage, and head east into the cave for a treasure containing “Experience Flower x2.”

Now return to the two way and go west, and examine the chest for a “Floating Moss x4.” Then head further west, but before heading north, go south for a chest containing “Heal Chocolate x4.”

Now head north past the bridge, and walk over the blue colored symbol called the Healing Fount.

Healing Founts

Stepping on a Healing Fount recovers your HP, SP and removes any status ailments for free and you can use it any number of times you want to. Healing Founts mostly appear when the next area has a Boss, so always use one before going to the next area.

If you want to Level up for a boss, it’s always good to grind near a Healing Fount.

Before entering the Cave to the south, be sure to Level yourself to Level 7, since there is a boss battle at the next screen.

Boss Battle

Mad Wolf


Recommended Level: 7

Strategy: Just spam Triple Strike, Ashes and Cinders and the wolf should die in no time flat.

This Boss doesn’t require strategy unless you are low leveled or you’re fighting the Pirated Version of it, in that case, good luck to you.


After the Boss battle you will acquire the item “Stuffed Crab”.

Before exiting the cave, be sure to open the chest containing “Guiding Feather x2”.

Now leave the cave. There are two ways to do this, either walk yourself out of the cave or use a Guiding Feather, your choice.

Back at Kerhn

Head back to the Village of Kerhn for a scene with Anemos, the Wandering Altean Bard. After the scene head to Cynthia’s house, which if you don’t remember is situated at the north east side of the village for yet another scene.

After all the scenes have ended, exit Cynthia’s house and head towards the entrance for a scene with Laminah, Captain of the Yupitel Brigade. After the scene there is another scene with Orzand, the Overlord. (Yes, this game has a lot of scenes...)

After that scene Laminah will join your party. Laminah’s level will always be higher than yours for whatever reason.

After all the scenes have ended, go talk to Carissa in the item shops for another sub quest.

Sub Quest #2: Hunt for a Suitable Husband

Client: Carissa

Head back to the Cottage in the Woods and examine the Box there for a “Stuffed Blue Crab”. Take it back to Carissa for a Reward.

REWARD: Speed Bottle

Anyways exit the village and head west and enter the gray cave, which is West Breezy Woods.