Chaotic Space

Written by Azyleo


Additional Note: If you have any remaining Gold Flowers or Experience Flowers, you should use them in the random encounters in this dungeon (since at the end of this, you will fight the final boss.)

Head north for a new screen. You can equip the Heavy Orb here at the moment and loot all the treasure. West of here is a chest containing “Vitality Drop x6.” East of the treasure is a route to a new screen.

On the new screen, head north up the two stairs and slide on the east icy trail, then all the way east, then north up the stairs. Now take the two west icy trails, heal and prepare for a boss battle against Fortina. Equip Mirror Bandanna to ease yourself in this battle.

Boss Battle



Recommended Level: 74

Strategy:  She is fast, and tougher than before, but nothing you can’t handle.

She uses Shadow Sphere on her first turn. Nothing too fancy, lower her parameters and you're good to go.


After this battle you get “Holy Brand, Aldea”……..FINALLLY!!!! Well too bad I recommend not using it. Just listen to me here. Go straight north to a new screen. Then west to a new screen. Then slide yourself north for a new screen and prepare for another boss battle.

Mini-Boss Battle

Holy Rabbit

Recommended Level: 74

Strategy:  This guy is mostly magic so equip yourself with Mirror Bandanna.

Also it will always use Countdown on its first turn, so um if you are inflicted, your’e basically dead so you might have to revive a ton times.

Lower its parameters and since it is floating, you can use Dragon Upper to smash this guy. Weak to every attack.  Easy boss.


After this you get “Moonlight” exclusive to Cynthia. The Chest contains “Crystal Mail”, exclusive to Laminah.

Now head south to a new screen, then south again to a new screen, then south across the icy trail, circle around and head back to where you fought Fortina. From here, go east, then south and then north to a new screen.

Go north for a new screen. Go north, slide west across the two icy trails, then south down the two stairs, then all the way east and then north past the sliding icy trail for a new screen.

Straight forward path.  Just head over to the pentacle, heal up and prepare for the final boss battle.

Talk to Orzand to begin the fight. The fight has two phases so don’t be afraid to use items here.

Final Boss Battle Phase 1



Recommended Level: 75

Strategy:  This is it.

Human Orzand is as easy Fortina, and is basically weak to the same types of attacks.

The only difference is that he gets 2 turns per turn.


Because of Cedric’s magic ball, all your statuses are healed and you are good as new. And now it's time for the final round.

Final Boss Battle Phase 2

Orzand Chaos

Orzand Chaos, Cerulean Phantom, Cerulean Headless

Recommended Level: 75

Strategy:  Yeah this time it’s gonna be hard as heck.

Orzand Chaos will gain massive magic boosts when killing Cerulean Headless, and Speed Boost when killing Phantom.

Whatever you do, Heal yourself when killing both of them, because when both Headless and Phantom die, Orzand Chaos will unleash a very powerful attack, which resembles burst.

After this, Orzand Chaos will get 2 turns in a row so beware. He uses Agency (All SP becomes 0) often so make sure you have lots of Mana Chocolates.

After that the battle is straight forward, and a lot of item fest, so make sure you have lots of items and this battle is yours.



The game will ask you to save after the ending. Save on a new slot for better usage of slots (hey they are there, so use em). After this ending, a new game+ mode unlocks. To use it press new game and it gives the option to “Carry Over Data” or “Start from the beginning”. Choose “Carry Over Data”.