Dawn Spire

Written by Azyleo

Recommended Level: 46
Enemies: Druid, Solid Knight, Stray Ogre

Okay so this area has lots of traps, arrow tiles and treasures so yeah, this section is gonna be hectic.

East of where you start is a chest containing “Miracle Pie x4.” Northwest of the entrance, past the spikes, is a chest containing “Mana Stew x6.” Circle around to the northwest, and ignore the arrow tiles for now, and move forward past the spikes, however hug the right wall here till you enter a secret passage to a chest containing “Burst Cake x2.” Now head up the stairs for a new area.

Now, you have to get lucky here and with a few trial and error you get these “Lightray Key.” (Important: take the middle chest at all costs), Guiding Feather x3 , Recovery stone x4, Lightray Key (another one to the west passage).

Make sure you get both Lightray Keys before moving on!

Now head up the stairs for a new area.

Head south of here and then west till you reach a door. Use the Lightray Key on this door. Then activate the red orb.

Now step on the middle tile to fall down to an area having a chest containing “ Insanity Bow.” Now circle around the pot and hug the left black area to enter a secret passage leading to a chest containing “SP Drop x5.” Now head back to the first pot and hug the right protruding area to a trigger a choice. Jump down from here.

Collect the two chests. One has “Accumulate Orb” while the other has “Fluffy Saber.”

Now jump down from the platform by hugging the protruding platform below. Interact with the red orb to open another PA system and to trigger a scene. However, go south, and directly at the end hug the left wall to enter a secret passage to a chest containing “Experience Flower x3.”

Now head north then east through the narrow area then north and then east again, then south. Hug the right wall here till you enter a secret passage to a puzzle. Solve it to get to a chest containing “Dragon Lance.”

Now head all the way south till you find out that you are at the Entrance HUZZAH! You can now rest at the Inn, replenish supplies and then head all the way to where you found the first red orb.

Now when you are near the first red orb, open the other gate using another Lightray Key. Go northeast and hug the black area till you get a prompt to jump down. Jump down and then jump down from the left protruding platform to a chest containing Heavy Orb. Using this Orb makes you walk on Arrow Tiles! How cool is that.

Now you can take all the treasure chests behind arrow tiles. Once you're done go back to the first red orb. I'll list all the treasures behind arrow tiles here:

Now, from the vicinity of the first red orb, head up the stairs to a new screen. Immediately turn and hug the right wall to enter a secret passage to a chest containing “Hi-Mana Chocolate x3.” Anyways, head all the way south past the narrow passage, and then east, and then north, and prepare for a  boss battle against ZEA.

Boss Battle

Neo Zea

Neo Zea

Recommended Level: 48

Strategy:  Ow she packs a punch, and is fast to boot.

She has high HP, ATK. Whatever you do, always keep her parameters down.

Increase your speed to level up to her.

She always uses Southern Lights on her first turn.

What you should look out for is “Convergence”. It’s an undodgeable attack that removes all your MP.

Yusis is your main damage dealer here. He can pack a serious punch having ATK Ranks 2 Up and Dancing Warblade 2. Use both of these to get a guaranteed victory.


After the battle head north and then east, then south all the way to the stairs for a new screen. This area is pretty straight forward. Heal up and then examine the door and use “Heavy Orb” to open it. (You'll have to unequip the Heavy Orb first, if you haven't done so already.)

Go a bit in for a boss battle.

Boss Battle



Recommended Level: 50

Strategy:  Holy Moly this guy is tough, not to mention he has high ATK, DEF, INT, SPD.

He also has idiotically nonsensical skills that makes you totally think this guy is a cheap rascal.

Lower all his parameters pronto and immediately buff yourself.  Don’t bother using magic on him. Use Dancing Warblade and 3- Step Cut to cripple him down. Use Healing Sonata and Heal 2 almost every second turn often to escape KOs. Use Aero Shot, and Mass Shot to greatly take a chunk of his health out. Also don’t forget to use uses Burst to net some serious damage.


After the battle is quite a long and intense scene. You didn’t expect such a thing in such a light game eh? After this leave the town and board your ship and head to the Capital. In the Capital head straight to the throne room for a scene. And what do you know. Now that’s a really good plot twist. Oh did I mention you can’t use Aldea just yet.  😥 

After the scene, you are in control of only Yusis. So talk to everyone around the Castle. Anemos is outside your room. Cynthia is in the main hall. Laminah is in her room. After talking to all three of them, the scene will cut to Yusis’s room. After the scene go talk to Cedric in the throne room.

After that scene, exit the castle for yet another scene. Yeah Yusis that’s the right motto, Bros before…. Never mind. Now hop onto your airship and fly to Hudor for a series of what you call Boss Battles.