Finding Cynthia

Written by Azyleo

Head to the East Breezy Woods, then travel all the way back to the Cottage in the woods.

After the scene, don’t leave the Cottage yet.

Remember I told you about a secret passage here? Yes the door to which the passage now leads is open.

In case you have forgotten, the secret passage is inside the Cottage, behind the right pot (south of it). And loot all the treasure here.

Now exit the Cottage, go through the forest again and head back to Khern. But before that, steal Rabbit Meat from the Springy Rabbits here. I think 14 will do. Equip a Drop Assist Orb, as well as use Yusis' Perpetual Heist to secure the maximum amount of meat.

After doing that, head back to Kehrn, and go inside Cynthia's House for a scene. After the scene, go to Cynthia's House again for a Sub Quest. Talk to Aretti.

Sub Quest #07 Food and Filial Piety

Client: Cynthia

I told you to get 14 Rabbit Meat remember. Well now give them to Aretti.

REWARD: Burst Cake x2

Now exit the Village and head towards the Capital City.  But, before that.

TREASURE HUNT #2 (You may skip this)

From Kerhn head northwest and you will see something shining. Examine it to get “Vitality Orb x6.”

Now, head back to the Capital via the shortcut on the other side of West Breezy Woods.

At the Castle

You remember that there was a Treasure Map in the Pot here, so take that (if you don’t remember, back track in the walkthrough and you will find it.)

Now go talk to Cedric for a scene.

After the good night’s sleep, head back to Cedric.

After all the scenes, go down one screen in the castle and talk to the guard on the right for a sub quest.

Sub Quest #08: Sweep of the Deep Woods

Client: Levan

Go kill 13 Leafy Dionaea, then report back to him.

Reward: HP Drop

The stores here are restocked with better Items and Gear, so go buy them. After that, exit the City and board the airship.

Treasure Hunt #3 (You may skip this)

Now that you have the Airship, you can easily get treasures. So go ahead and find the next treasure which was provided by the Map in the Capital. Its north the Capital. It Contains “Ore(s) x3.”

Now head to the Shrine of Radiance for a Treasure Map. Go to the next screen and examine the box on the left for a Treasure Map.

Treasure Hunt #4 (You may skip this)

Also north of the Capital, contains a “Experience Flower x14.” Glad you found that right?

Alright now after that head to the Shrine of Elusion. The path is pretty straight forward and you have an airship as well as a map, so I won’t tell you the directions here.