Gaelan Woods

Written by Azyleo

Recommended Level: 31
Enemies: Leafy Dionaea, Wind Horse, Roaming Wyvern, Demon Skelosaurus

Extra Note: The enemies here are mostly plant type and beast type. So Anemos’s Roaring Flames works wonders.

Entrance Screen

Go a bit into the forest to trigger a scene. After the Scene, you will be standing at a two way. Go all the way east for a chest containing “Intelligence Bottle x7.” Head back to the two way, and head south to the Next Screen.

1st South Screen

Go east at the two way for a chest containing “Heal Soup x4.” Go back to the two way and head south, then go all the way east for another scene. After the scene, you will see that where you are is shaped like an “X.” Go to the northwest corner to get a chest containing “Lazy Bones x4”.

After that go east, and just before the Next Screen go north for a chest containing “Recovery Stone x2." Head back and go to the next screen.

2nd East Screen

From this screen, on the north you will see an Entrance, but before that there are some chests here that you need to take.

Now, head back to the entrance.

Okay so take the north entrance which will take you back to a new area on the 1st south screen.

1st South Screen (New Area)

On the map you will see two entrances. Taking the further left north entrance will take you to a chest containing “Speed Bottle x2.” Now head back and take the nearest north passage.

3rd North East Screen

Go east, and you can go south to the next screen, but take the chests which are here, the north chest has “Intelligence Drop x2.” Before going to the next screen, go directly west for a chest containing “Mana Soup x3.” Now go enter the Next Screen which is actually the  2nd east Screen but a new area.

2nd East Screen (New Area)


Just go directly east for a new screen.

4th East Screen

Go north through the first passage you see for a chest containing “Special Bottle x2.”

There are 5 entrances here, not counting from where you came in.

South Entrance: The south entrance leads to a chest which is surrounded by Poison Marsh containing “Pain & Gain Orb”.

East Entrance: This area is quite big so bear with me. Go north east from here, then south till you see a chest containing “Steal Orb.”  Go south east. Then head west to a new screen. This screen is filled with Poisonous Marsh, so use Floating Moss now. The Chest Has “Hazardous Bow.” No more chests here so return back.

North East Entrance: Has a chest which contains “Burst Cookie x3.”

North West Entrance: (Far to the northwest) Has a chest with “Ore(L).”

Now, take the central North exit for a new Screen.

Step on the Healing Fount, and prepare for a boss battle which is on the next screen.

Go to the next screen to have a scene with Zea and Wash Boa….. ahem (Yusis understood that, jeez I wonder what that is), Cynthia I mean. Anyways great save Yusis, great save.

Boss Battle

Zea and Giants

Zea and Giant x2

Recommended Level: 33

Strategy: Get rid of the Giants first, they hit way too hard, but have less HP.

Zea is exactly the same like she was before and only got a boost in HP.

The boss battle is not hard.


Head south to exit the Woods….. actually no, there is still quite the way to go.

On the next screen, head all the way east, and on the south there is a chest with “Mana Soup x5.” After that head south directly for a chest on the south and to the east. One has “Emergency Shield,” and the other has “Resurrect Cookie x2.”
Now exit the Woods… yes for real. Head north on the World Map, then east and enter the Shrine.