Mount Humanus

Written by Azyleo

Recommended Level: 38
Enemies: Sprite, Stalker Treant, Howling Wolf, Peak Wyvern, Grand Dragon (Not worth it. Don’t waste your time on this thing).

Head a little west to trigger a scene.

Head south, past the stairs, west across the bridge and north to the next screen for a chest containing “Recovery Stone x2.”

Head back south and go west past the bridge for a chest containing “Power Bottle x3.” Now head back east and south to the new screen. From the new screen head straight south past the narrow valley and then west.

You can talk to the two merchants above. The Varg is an Items dealer, while the maid is an advertiser. Quite a weird pair…. It will be wise to stock up on Floating Moss this time around.

After restocking your items head west, north up the stairs then west past the bridge, north up the stairs and then directly south down the two stairs to a new screen.

On this screen head west for a chest containing “Mana Soup x6.” Now go back past the bridge and then south, but stop midway and hug the wall to the left for a secret passage to a secret area to the south screen. There is another secret passage and some treasure chests here, so lets get right to it.

Now head all the way west and pass the narrow valley in the north to a new screen (which is just the previous screen). Head north, up the stairs and then directly south for a new screen.

This new area is relatively easy to follow, so just go west to a new screen. Just walk a bit forward to trigger a scene. After the scene, head southwest for a new screen.

This new area has pitfalls which lead to a marshy area so use floating moss here. There are many treasure chests here but I am unable to tell you how to get them so I will leave a list here.

Anyways from the entrance you might see a passage to the east, take that passage to a new screen.

Watch out for pitfalls!

On this screen, ignore the north passage, and go southwest. (DO NOT TAKE THE NORTH WEST ROUTE, IT HAS A PITFALL.)

Keep going through the narrow path till you get a scene with Cynthia stepping on a pitfall (image). This fall will take you to a new screen.

On this screen, you will see a passage southwest of where you landed which leads to the opposite end of the pitfall you just fell off from.

Now head west to a new screen. There are 4 passages here, only one will get you out, which is actually the south eastern passage, which will take you to a new screen.

On this screen hug the upper wall and keep hugging it to avoid a pitfall. This will take you to a two way fork. Take the east route and keep going east all the way till you see a passage.

Enter that passage, which will take you to a new screen. On this screen, go all the way west, till you see lots of poison marsh and a passage to the south. Take that passage to a new screen.

Now you are out of the maze.

From here go south down the two stairs and west for a chest containing “Burst Cake x5.” Go up the stairs and follow the bridge, down the stairs, northwest all the trees up to a new area. Here you have a Healing Fount so heal and prepare for a boss battle.

Boss Battle

Arch Giant and Mage Lizard

Arch Giant x2, Mage Lizardman x3

Recommended Level: 40

Strategy:  They might not have unique attacks, but they definitely have good amount of HP and attack power.

Healing often is recommended with Heal, Heal 2 and Healing Sonata.

Since most of these enemies are Beast type, Roaring Flames works wonders on them.

Other than that, this boss battle is simple. Just whack them with Beast Skills and heal often.

There is a secret passage here. Go down the stairs and north a little, till you see a boulder.  Hug the wall where the boulder is to enter a secret passage, which leads to a chest containing “Dragon Blade.”

Now head back, and go all the way west to a new screen and south down the stairs to exit the dungeon.

Go a little forward to trigger a scene. The path here is straight forward. Just keep going north from where you are until you see a Yupitel Brigade Soldier. Talk to him to board the ship which will directly take you to the Capital.

Just go straight to the throne room and talk to Cedric. After the scene, go to town gear up and restock before leaving the Capital.