Ophidian’s Den

Written by Azyleo

Recommended Level: 17
Enemies: Fanged Angler, Iron Crab, Happiness Barrel, Cave Skelosaurus

Go north from the Capital City, and head north, and keep going north. When a two way comes, go northwest, then head east past the desert, then south until you come upon another two way, and then take the west route, then north into the Gray Cave.

Once inside, head north a little to trigger a scene. After the scene you are already at the next screen.

NOTE: This Dungeon has spikes. They are either emerging in and out or are protruding. Do not walk on them as your whole party will suffer 5% damage of your max HP. You can avoid this by using status effect “Float”. You have to use an item called “Floating Moss” to afflict yourself to float status. However do note that the status wears off in battle after some turns.

From where you are, go west towards the emerging spike. A scene will trigger. Go south by avoiding the spikes, then north again, avoiding the spike again and past the stairs, then east and south down the stairs for a chest containing “Burst Cookie x6.”

Now go back to the Entrance, then go northeast and then southeast at the two way, and up the stairs and grab the chest for a "Guard Bottle x3."

Now go north at the two way then northwest up the stairs, and from the stairs go west and there is a secret passage between the two walls, go inside to find yourself near a cave with various emerging spikes. Now enter the Cave.

Now if you have Floating Moss (which I told you to buy) use it on all characters. Now the spikes won’t hurt you since you are floating. The left chest gives “Vitality Drop.” The right chest gives “Edible Bow.” Do not equip Edible Bow, since you still need the points in the previous weapon.

Now exit the cave and the secret passage back to the two way and go east, till you see a stair and a passage side by side.

Take the stairs to reach a chest containing “SP Drop.” Then go back to the stairs and take the passage which I told you earlier about. Go north till you come up with a Passage to the east and some stairs. Take the stairs and go to the next screen for a chest containing “Ore (S) x2.”

Now exit the area, go down the stairs and head west till you see many spikes emerging in and out (but it shouldn’t matter anymore since you are floating). Then go north to the next screen.

Go west avoiding the spikes, then north, then east ignoring the stairs and go inside the cave for a chest containing “Burst Cookie x3.”

Exit the cave then go back to the stairs, which I told you to ignore earlier, go down the stairs and west past the stairs then west again for a chest containing “Mana Juice x4.”

Go past both the stairs and go east, then south, then down those stairs and enter the cave.

The cave has many emerging spikes. Going east and into the corner of the wall has a secret passage to a chest containing “Attack Orb.”

Now exit the secret passage, time your movement and go west, then south down the stairs to the other screen.

Go west and step on the Healing Fount, since down the stairs, there is a boss fight. I recommend being Level 20 and having 200p on Yusis and Cynthia’s weapons.

Boss Battle

Scaled Lizardman

Scaled Lizardman x3

Recommended Level: 20

Strategy: Guard Down, Blazing Impulse and Wind Cutter Combo is all you need here.

This boss battle is nothing….NOTHING.

It’s so easy, that I am giving you a combo for it.

The Lizardmen don’t hurt at all and have a pretty shallow defense.

Blazing Impulse and Windcutter do damage in thousands.

Just Spam the above combo and they will be dead in no time flat.


After the battle, to the south past the stalagmites is a chest containing “Resurrect Cookie x2.” Now head down the stairs and inside the cave for yet another boss battle. You thought that was a boss battle well Boo hoo.

Boss Battle

Limestone Wyvern

Limestone Wyvern

Recommended Level: 20

Strategy: If the name doesn’t faze you then I don’t know what does.

Anyways, the Enemy is a dragon type, but the thing is this boss actually requires a strategy to beat (or not), so let’s get right to it.

The Dragon is fast and as such use Guard Down on it, then spam Yusis’s and Laminah’s strongest skill while Cynthia’s its prayer time will prove very useful.

You might need to use burst, but if you’re in a pinch don’t hesitate to use Yusis’s Burst(all hail Dancing Warblade!), which if lucky will most likely kill it in a single turn.


After the battle, open the chest containing “Guiding Feather x2.” Exit the dungeon and head back to the Capital City.

Note: If you exit Ophidian's Den and walk due south, you can now cut through the mountain side, and take a shortcut back to the Capital City.

Back at Capital City

After Entering the Capital City a scene kicks in, and Laminah leaves your party temporarily. Go to the Item shop for a scene with Laminah’s mother.

After the scene, the doll is located at the north east part of the City. Take the doll back to Laminah in the Item shop. After that, head to the castle and talk to King Welkin.

Sub Quest #04: Vines for Bundling

After the scene, exit the room and you will spot a knight standing near the pillar. Talk to him for a Subquest.


SOLUTION: You know when I was telling you while farming way before to steal Vines from Evil Dionaea. Well give this guy 5 and you are all set.

REWARD: Special Bottle x3