Overlord’s Castle

Written by Azyleo


Head a bit forward for a scene. Go to the entrance, near the black pit close to the treasure on the right. Hug the wall south of this dark pit for a secret passage to a chest containing “HP Drop x4.”

Now return back to the entrance. Go near the treasure on the left and hug the left wall to a secret passage having a chest containing “Experience Flower x3.” Now head north to the new screen.

So many, CHESTS WAITING TO BE OPENED!!! Ahem, step on the arrow tiles east of here to enter a passage containing many spikes, use “Floating Moss” here to roam around freely. North of here is a chest containing “Hi-Heal Chocolate x3.” Using the arrow tiles left of here will lead you back to the hallway.

On the northwest side of the hallway are arrow tiles leading to a passage with more arrow tiles and a chest in between. Go north of here and past the spikes, but don’t take the stairs above but step on the many arrow tiles on the left. There are 4 arrow tiles on this platform in each row. Stepping on the 2 to the right will lead you to a chest containing “Miracle Pie x6.”

On the 2 to the left, you have to time it well enough seeing the rotating arrow tiles to the south to enter the passage to a new secret area. Take the first arrow tiles on the left, and then step on the spiked tile. (Make sure your Floating Moss is still active.) Now watch the very bottom arrow tile, and when it's pointing south, step on the tile directly below you.

This area has a boss battle, so get ready.

Mini-Boss Battle



Recommended Level: 70

Strategy:  Fast? Sure, strong? Nah, have Yusis use Tension Up, Dancing Warblade 2 and Dragon Upper.

Have Cynthia use Fire Storm, and Mass Shot.

Laminah use 3-Step Cut, and finally have Anemos use any Beast Weak skills. Not a hard Boss Battle. Should die in a few turns.


After the battle, you will get “Dutar,” a weapon exclusive to Anemos. The Chest contains “Crystal Vest x2.” Equip them to get better defense. Now head back up, and enter the stairs in the northwest (that I told you to skip previously).

Follow this pretty straight forward path until you come across 2 arrow tiles. Use the right one, then the north one, and use the north arrow tiles which are facing right. You have to be extremely lucky here, if you want to go the north passage which leads to a hidden area, but keep trying.

The passage to the north will take you back to the hallway which was previously sealed by arrow tiles. The left chest contains “Mana Stew x5”.

On the right are many arrow tiles here. You will have many static arrows pointing upward, and then some rotating. Step on the fourth rotating arrow tile when it is facing “RIGHT” to enter a secret passage to a chest containing “SP Drop x4.” Now time yourself down.

You will see another rotating arrow tile after the previous 5. Step on it when it is facing south to enter a secret area. This area has another boss battle.

Mini-Boss Battle

Twin-Headed Wolf

Twin-Headed Wolf

Recommended Level: 70

Strategy:  Just like Fortecia.

This guy is just fast.

Just use the mentioned skills on Fortecia to wipe him clean.


After the battle you will get “Trident” which is exclusive to Laminah. In the chest is an armor “Crystal Dress”. You can equip this to Cynthia only.

Now exit and return back to the previous room.

From here go up the arrow tiles, and back to the previous room by going up north. Now use the arrow tiles to slide downwards. You can already see a room from here. Just step on any tile south from here, then follow on to the west arrow tile, then south arrow tile, then east arrow tile, then pass the spikes and then step on the rotating arrow when it is facing north, then avoid all other arrows and step on the east arrow tile and then enter the room.

In this room, head north for a chest containing “Recovery Stone x7.” Then head to the next room which is to the right.

This room is like a maze. Head north past the spikes for a chest containing “Emergency Shield x2.” Head back and turn west just before the spikes. Go across the west arrow and then step on the rotating arrow when it is facing left. Now at the next set of spikes, go south and go across the next arrow tile when it's pointing LEFT. Now follow the spikes to the west for two chests. One contains “Resurrect Pie x4” and the other has “Hi Mana Chocolate x3.”

Then follow the passage to the left and enter the room to the north to enter a new screen. Get the treasure to the west which has "Experience Flower x6." This area has a boss battle so heal up and prepare.

Boss Battle

Ainos and Synat

Ainos and Synat

Recommended Level: 72

Strategy:  If your 74, then you’re definitely faster than them.

Increase all your parameters and reduce theirs.

Then use whatever you want to. They are really weak to any attack you throw at em.


Heal again and then enter the pentacle for a new area, which was previously locked.

The chest contains “Heavy Orb”. The door can now be opened. The chests contain “Burst Cake x5” and “Guiding Feather x4”.

Before you go on, go south through two screens to exit the Overlord's Castle, and go to the nearest town (in this case, Capital City) so you can equip your new weapons and transfer the points! Then, go back to the castle, and just go north through two screen to get right back to the two pentacles.

Now enter the north most pentacle for a completely new area. Prepare for the final bo……. Actually not quite yet. You are now in a completely new dungeon. WOW. This needs its own page.