Rest Stop

Written by Azyleo

Head north, for a scene with Carrisa’s mother, and of course the usual Yusis having sleep deprivation and Anemos scene.

Be sure to restock on healing items and new gear, but be sure to save your not-so-much-cash so that you can transfer your points from the old weapon to the new weapon. Also you can now synthesize your orbs.

Transferring Points
Transferring points onto your new weapon from the old is a crucial aspect in this game.

Since in this game, you only acquire new skills from gaining points on the respective weapon without transferring points to your new weapon, you will basically be starting back at square one, with low level skills at your disposable.

To transfer your points, first you need to equip the new weapon. Then, you need to talk to the Chant Master next to the Equipment Shop. Now, select the weapon that you want to transfer your points from, and pay the fee.

After you’re done equipping your gear, go north up the stairs, to where Yusis was sleeping and enter the secret passage on the left wall and open the chest containing “Gold Flower x3.”

Now go downstairs and Talk the Varg on the right for a Treasure Map. Then go and buy a “Dig Set,” since you will need for the treasure hunting. Now leave the rest stop.


(You may skip this and continue onto Hudor.)

Okay now go all the way back to “West Breezy Woods” but don’t enter it. You will see that there is something sparkling on the right side of the Field Map. Go here and use a “Dig Set” to obtain “Ore (S)”.

Now return back to the Rest Stop, and follow the Field Map northwest to reach your next destination.