Shrine of Eden

Written by Azyleo

Hug the right wall between the pillars to enter a secret passage to a chest containing “Evasion Orb.”

See the square purple tile near the gate? Step on it and hug the left wall directly to enter a secret passage to a chest containing “Special bottle x3.”

Now examine the Door and use the Verdant Key. And enter the next room. Open the chest on the left for “Warding Card x3” and prepare for battle.

Boss Battle

Shrine of Eden Guardian

Shrine of Eden Guardian

Recommended Level: 34

Strategy:  Wow a Varg now, whats next an Altean?

Anways this guy is not tough.

He is fast as well as has high ATK, DEF and HP but that doesn’t matter since he rarely uses skills. (Except, he always uses Shadow Sphere on the first turn.)

Lower all his parameters. A lucky “Infinity” can easily chop down the health to half.

Then keep beating him till he dies. Really I can’t give you a strategy here.


Okay after this, exit the shrine, and re-enter Gaelan Woods. Examine the very-convenient-sheep and it chases you back to the entrance of the woods. Convenience at its finest, eh? Anyways, before returning to the castle, enter the Town of Cammer first for a Sub-Quest.

SUBQUEST #6: Poko Left Behind

The Client is near the Mayors House (He is a Varg)

Client: Abyut in Cammer

Head back to Gaelan Woods, and 2nd East Screen (New Area). Examine the Sheep there, but get ready for a Mini Boss battle.

Mini-Boss Battle

Blood Wolf

Recommended Level: 34

Strategy:  This Wolfy here is very fast, and is really out for your blood, so I recommend Healing and Buffing, Debuffing Parameters, just in case it is too strong for you.

Anyways, the Wolf does not have much HP, and is quite weak to Magical Attacks, so hit it with that.

Be sure to use Anemos' Healing Sonata often, so that Cynthia can focus on attacking.

Okay after that, head back to Cammer and deliver the Sheep Fluf….Poko to the client.

REWARD: Strength Drop x3!

Okay, so head back to the Castle again, and go talk to Cedric in the throne room. (And get ready for some unexpected plot twists.)