Shrine of Elusion

Written by Azyleo

Recommended Level: 36
Enemies: Sprite, Sorceress

Head a bit forward for a scene. Now head north to the next screen. There is no secret passage here. Head east, then west (don’t go all west) and head north past the icy trail for a chest containing “Hi-Heal Chocolate x2.”

Now head back to the beginning of the trail and go west, till you come towards an icy tile. Step on it so that it will slide you to a narrow area with two narrow passages. The east passage has a chest which contains “Burst Pie x3.” The south passage through the icy tile has a chest containing “Recovery Stone x3.”

Now head back to where the icy trail started and see there is an “|----- “ type shape two icy trails are making. Step on it and it will directly take you to the next screen.

Just head east till the next screen.

This area is what I call dangerous. Use “Floating Moss” here to avoid the spike and to make your life a bit easier.

Now head all the way north to a new screen. Save, heal and prepare for a boss battle.

I recommend at least 450 – 500p on your weapon for Yusis and Cynthia. Make sure Anemos at least has Healing Sonata and anything will work of Laminah.

Boss Battle

Shrine of Elusion Guardian

Shrine of Elusion Guardian

Recommended Level: 37

Strategy:  Okay so this guy is a Hominid type enemy.

Extremely fast, but has Low HP, ATK, DEF.

However this guy has deadly skills like Paralysis Storm, Caucasus and Magic Reflect so you have to kill him fast. Unfortunately that’s not the case.

He uses Paralysis Storm on his first turn and every now and then afterwards. Now you have to be extremely lucky to avoid this attack, since it paralyzes all your characters making them unable to move. So you have to get by with this and immediately cure anyone who is paralyzed.

Once you’re through with this, De Buff his speed and defense. Use Yusis’s Turbulent Slash to make the Boss Float to reduce his damage output and make susceptible Float attacks like Soaring Strike and Aero Slash. Keep using Roaring Flames and the aforementioned skills to slowly cripple him.


After the boss battle, you can now equip the Holy Brand, Aldea. The game doesn’t tell you but yeah you can. Though, I don’t recommend doing that just yet because of various reasons.

Just return to the entrance by back tracking since you can’t use Guiding Feather to leave the Shrine. Halfway through you will encounter a scene. Just when you thought you can be OP. Not your lucky day eh?

Oh my…. ditched the party, how rude, ahem.

Anyways good thing I told you not to equip it right. Head back to the entrance by backtracking again, since you can’t use Guiding Feather. Anyways at the entrance, heal up and prepare for a boss battle after the scene.

Boss Battle

Zaram, Skyah, Lizardman

Zaram, Skyah and Miasma Lizardman x3

Recommended Level: 38

Strategy:  This boss battle is without a doubt (not) hard without Anemos, but you will have to make do.

Take out the Miasma Lizardmen (they are quite weak actually) first to get a better hit against Zaram and Skyah.

After that the battle is just cake walk.

Just treat 'em like normal enemies, unload all your strongest skills against 'em and be done with it.


Leave the shrine to trigger a scene. After that just follow the path and enter the white cave.