Shrine of Radiance

Head southeast from the Capital City and you will arrive at the Shrine.

After heading in you will get a scene. There are various secret passages here that lead to chests:

  • TREASURE #1:  Taking the north west Passage, and immediately hug the Squar-ish wall on the right to enter the secret passage to a chest containing “Knowledge Orb.”
  • TREASURE #2:  From treasure #1 immediately go right through the secret passage for a chest containing “Recovery Stone x4.”
  • TREASURE #3: At the entrance take a few steps back but don’t leave the shrine and there is a secret passage to the right then hug the wall to the right again and follow the path to a chest containing “Kobyz.”
  • TREASURE #4: Go to the north west passage and hug the walls, and there is a secret passage on the wall to the left for a chest containing “Heal Juice x4.”

Now, head inside the room, on the north west passage. Now you may have noticed that there is a Healing Fount, well don’t worry, your butt is going to be kicked pretty hard in this one, and by hard I mean getting hit by a concrete brick. Well you don’t believe me, let’s see then.

Anyways the next screen does not have a boss, but arrow tiles, they don’t hurt you, but they change your direction while you step on them, but to negate this effect, you need a Heavy Orb, which I’m pretty sure you don’t have (don't worry, you'll get one much, much later).

  • TREASURE #5:  From the entrance, hug the east and south east wall for a secret passage with a chest containing “Haste Orb.”
  • TREASURE #6: Examine the open box near the entrance for a "Treasure Map," but you can’t, because you already have one, and you can’t use the other one, because you don’t have a ship. Sucks doesn’t it?
  • TREASURE #7:  Go back to the entrance, but go west this time for two chests, one containing “Resurrect Cookie x3” and other containing “Mana Juice x4.”

You can’t take the other chest since you have to get a scene first to get it…..

The scene has a huge amount of innuendos for folks out there and they’re fresh so come and get it. Just, kidding.

  • TREASURE #8:   After the scene hug the right wall for secret passage to chest containing “Emergency Shield x2.”

Now examine the Sword for a Boss battle……

Boss Battle

The Holy Brand, Aldea

The Holy Brand, Aldea

Recommended Level: 80 (Yeah good luck with that …)

  • 0Exp/0Gold
  • Drop: ???????
  • Steal: ???????

Strategy: What did I tell ya, like being hit with a Concrete brick………


Well you thought you got the awesome sword, but actually no, it’s just a key item for now, and just when you thought you will go and one hit KO enemies, yeah no meaning in an OP hero aye?

Anyways exit the Shrine for a scene…. Then head back to the Capital.

Back in the Castle

Talk to King Welkin for a scene, then exit the throne room and go enter the area on the back for a good night’s sleep as well as some more scenes. After the scenes, head back to the throne room.

After the scenes, let’s find the secret passages in the castle (oh goody).

First, enter the bedroom to the west. The empty box inside has a "Treasure Map" but of course, again, you already have one. So for now just remember that there's another one here.

In the main area of the castle, on the right entrance, just before you enter, go south and enter the secret passage to another area.

In this area, hug the right wall for two chests in which one containing “Gold Flower x10” and the other for “Gladius” (this is a very strong weapon). Now hug the left wall and enter yet another passage to a very narrow area, then hug the left wall while walking to pass another passage for two chests, one containing “Anger Orb” and the other having “SP Drop x5.”

Leave the Area until you are in the center of the castle. Stand in front of the Knight who gave you the sub quest, and go south 3 steps. Then all the way west into the passage and enter the next area.

The pot near you has a “Treasure Map.” The Chest has “Agitator x8.” Go back to the pot and stand south near it, and hug the left wall while walking until you enter a secret passage for a chest containing “Vitality Drop x3.”

Once you have all the treasure, it's time to go on to your next destination.