Town of Hudor

Written by Azyleo

From the Rest Stop, go northwest, then east, then northwest, then west, then north past the bridge, then all the way northwest, then east, and then finally all the way south, till you see a small town which is Hudor.

I recommend to Level up to 14 here and get Laminah’s Weapon to 100p.

Entering the Town of Hudor

Go forward for a scene with the people of Hudor and Anemos. After the scene Anemos joins your party (and like Laminah, his level is higher than yours). You also unlock the BURST GAUGE.


This gauge shall only become available when Anemos is in your party.

The burst gauge has a limit of 5 gauges, in which each gauge is allocated to one skill use. The burst gauge will automatically unleash any skill from your repository to the number of gauges available, without any MP cost and skill casting time and rebound, however any damage a skill incurs to you will be inflicted.

However, when you first acquire the burst gauge, you can only use burst skills up to 3 times, regardless of you having 5 gauges, since the burst gauge usage increases with level. (On level 50 or something you can use all 5 gauges.)

The burst gauge has a special and unique feature. When you use all 5 burst gauges using burst, as soon as your burst gauge hits 0, the turn is automatically shifted to the closest party member in the turn gauge. Using this feature, you can dish out massive damage to any enemy in some few turns.

However, the skills used in burst are random and uncontrollable so often times, you can be using weak skills during burst. To remedy this, you must equip Hi-Burst Orb 1, 2, and 3. Each of these have there own usage, and control to some degree what skills are unleashed. For example Hi-Burst Orb 3 will allow only the last 3 learnt skills to be unleashed at random. So you might want to experiment with it.

The burst gauge can be replenished by dishing out damage, or getting damaged. You can also replenish your burst by using items, such as Burst Cookie or Burst Jelly. Anemos also has a skill called “Gold Cannon” (learned later on) which transfers 2 gauges from self to another party member.

It is to be noted that some enemies have burst gauge absorb skill, which take 1 burst gauge from your total gauge. Also on being incapacitated you lose 1 burst gauge.

About Anemos
Anemos is a support character and learns, high level support skills, like buffs and debuffs, and various status effect skills.

Anemos also learns some healing skills later on. Also he learns a very valuable skill later on in the game, when you get his special weapon.

Anemos is the key to winning every boss fight, more so than Yusis and Laminah.

Unlike other characters, Anemos has the tendency to equip an orb on his weapon which is exclusive to armor orbs, but there is a catch to it. Anemos can only equip the same type of orb equipped on his armor onto his weapon. For example, Anemos wants to equip 2 Vitality Orbs, but to do so a Vitality Orb must also be equipped onto his armor so that he can equip it onto his weapon.

After you have control over your character, enter the inn, go up the stairs, and examine the first pot on the left for a “Treasure Map”. Now exit the town, since there are no shops here….for now that is.

NOTE: You will now encounter Picayune enemies, that is, mini enemies. They are insanely fast, they have the same damage output as their normal versions, but are very susceptible to attacks. They give more gold on being defeated. They come with a tint of light sparkly blue color over them.

You will now also encounter Goliath Enemies, that is, Giga Enemies. They’re extremely tenacious, having high HP, DEF and ATK than their normal versions, but they are very slow. It is recommended to avoid conflict with them; however they give more EXP on being defeated. They come in a tint of red color over them.