Trouble in Kerhn

Written by Azyleo

From the Capital City, head all the way south and then go west, past the small lake and a scene kicks in, where Yusis tells you about the shortcut. So take the path and it should directly take you to West Breezy Forest.

Go a little further a scene kicks in. Anyways, now exit the Forest, since it’s a straight forward path.

Now head back to Khern, which is directly east of here.

Monsters in the Village

There are two Boss Battles here back to back, so beware, and do save your SP.

From the entrance, go east and a scene kicks in and a Boss Battle commences.

Boss Battle

Dark Horse

Dark Horse

Recommended Level: 35

  • 500Exp/3600Gold
  • Drop: Beast Slayer Orb
  • Steal: Mana Juice

Strategy:  The Horse is only fast, so don’t get intimidated by its SPD.

After some turns it uses Over Boost (which increases its own Parameters by 2) so immediately debuff it.

Then keep hitting it (Keep watch for the HP as well.)


Boss Battle

Pack Wolf x2

Pack Wolf x2

Recommended Level: 35

  • 550Exp/4320Gold
  • Drop: Mana Soup x2
  • Steal: Heal Soup

Strategy:  These guys are very weak actually.

They maybe fast, but they have such a poor DEF, ATK and their HP is laughable.

Just keep using Roaring Flames and other Beast damaging skills to finish the Boss battle in no time.


Anyways after a few scenes, Cynthia has gone missing and you must find her.