Village of Merhemes

Written by Azyleo

Gear up here to the fullest extent. Since after this is the final dungeon. Enter the Inn for a scene. After the scene, talk to the Elder Lunarl again to know that your ship has been fixed.

The person in the robe has a side quest to offer though.

Sub Quest #12: Aldea's Discontent

Client: Holy Brand, Aldea

Location:  Village of Merhemes.

The location of all the Superior Whetstones are in the Inner Sanctums of the Shrines. There are 4 Shrines in total, which are marked as blue on you map. Go to each shrine to get all the 4 Superior Whetstones.

Reward: ORE(L) x4

Level yourself to at least 70 (Not necessary, I have seen people beat the game on level 50’s or something, but this level is very much sufficient for you to not have any trouble) before heading into the lio---- I mean Overlord's Castle.

Head to the point indicated on your map to enter the Overlord’s Castle.