Village of Roesch

Written by Azyleo

Land here to get to the Village of Roesch

Exit the Capital City and head east and enter the boat.

Sail north and then east until you see a very long piece of land protruding from the main land.

Land there, head east then north until you see a village.

Level up to 22 before entering the village and have at least 250p in both Cynthia’s and Yusis’s Weapons.

On entering the village, go forward a little to trigger a scene (who would’ve thought Yusis is like that).

Okay so head inside the house in the northwest for scene. Now head to the inn for a scene as well (I feel sorry for Yusis now, since the girls have now gone Yan---- I mean misunderstood him.)

Anyways after the scene, you can examine Zea (she is totally wast--- sleeping, yes, what did you think!?), but that doesn’t matter, so exit the village and head straight north and head east and enter the grey cave.