West Breezy Woods

Written by Azyleo

Recommended Level: 7
Enemies: Fairy, Blue Slime, Jumpy Hare

Walk a little west to trigger a scene with Laminah. Once you gain control, go west to a two way, then head north, then east across the bridge for a chest which is north between the trees and which contains “Mana Chocolate x3.”

Head back to the two way and go south, then north, west again, then south for a chest containing “Guiding Feather x2”.

Now go north past the bridge then west until you see a three way fork and an entrance on the Mini Map, go north to the entrance for a chest containing “Strength Drop”. Go back to the three way fork and go southwest till you get a scene with Cynthia, Yusis and Laminah.

After you gain control, head southwest to get a "Speed Orb." Then head north, then south, then north again till you see a healing fount since there is a boss on the next screen.

I recommend being at least Level 10, having 100p on both Yusis and Cynthia’s weapon and 50p on Laminah’s weapon.

Boss Battle

Forest Horse

Forest Horse

Recommended Level: 10

Strategy: Okay so Forest Horse is fast.

It will almost every time get a turn before you, but it doesn’t matter since it has a low HP.

Just use everyone’s strongest skill, and it will be dead long before it even uses its AOE skill.

Dancing Warblade and Cinders and Ashes work wonders here.


Note: You will start encountering Barrels and Barrel Bunnies from now on. Every time you see it in battle, be sure to hit so that you can get an item or a Barrel Bunny. (Barrel Bunny are stronger, faster and have a higher defense then normal enemies but they give tons of gold, Exp and loot, so I say go for it.)

After the battle head north to exit the forest. On the Field Map, go north, then southwest, then north, then northwest till you find a “Rest Stop.”