Skill List

Written by Azyleo

Points Skill Description SP
Triple Slice Single: Attacks 3 times (F Level ) 18
50p Moonlight Flash Single: Attack. Steals items at a fixed rate. 16
100p Dancing Warblade Vanguard: 3-5 random attacks (F). Attacks all enemies in Vanguard position 35
150p Roaring Arm Self: ATK UP, SPD UP, DEF DOWN, INT DOWN 32
200p Blazing Impulse Single [Magic]: Attack (C Level ). Strength against Marine, Beasts and Plants UP 84
250p Turbulent Slash Single: Attack (C Level). Adds Float. 88
350p Tension Up Self: ATK.INT.SPD UP 50
450p Perpetual Heist Single : Attack (F Level). Steals drop item 2 times. 60
300p Infinity Vanguard Single: Attack (F Level). Occasionally unleashes Level S damage. 75
400p Aero Slash Column [Magic]: Attack (C Level). Strength against floating targets UP. 112
500p Dancing Warblade 2 Vanguard: HP 10s digit random attack (E Level). Self: HP -2% 145
550p Calamity Single: Attack(A) Targets with Parameter UP effects have increased rate of swoon. Boss: X 142
600p Awakening Self: Double attack damage next turn. 92
650p Flowing Steel Line: Attack(B). Rearguard damage halved. 162
700p Dragon Upper Vanguard Single: Attack(B). Strength against floating targets and dragons UP. Strength is cumulative. 174
750p I’ll Protect You! Self: Take damage for Cynthia for 5 consecutive turns and counter with 8x the attack strength. 86
800p Dancing Warblade 3 Vanguard: HP 1s digit random attack C. Self: HP-13 290
850p Godspeed Vanguard Single: Attack(S) + INT 1 rank down. 330
900p Lightning Strike Vanguard Single [Magic]: Attack(A). Ignores parameter enhancing effects. 262
950p Conviction Slice Vanguard: Attack(A). Occasionally makes targets swoon after 3 counts. Boss: X 298
1000p Kreisian Rondo Vanguard Single: 3 Attacks (C) 350
1050p Destruction Vanguard Single: Character level x 200 damage. With exceptions and strength down on bosses 420
1100p End of Journey Line: Attack(S) If characters level is an odd number, damage is doubled. (Can seriously one shot bosses, if you increase all attack power prior to this attack.) 630
Points Skill Description SP
Heal Single [Magic]: Restores HP (D Level) 10
50p Cinders and Ashes Single [Magic]: 2 Attacks (E Level). Deals more damage on plant enemies. 20
100p Cure Single [Magic]: Cures all abnormal status. (Except rage and idle) 15
150p Wind Cutter Single [Magic]: Attack (C) + SPD DOWN 64
200p It’s Prayer time! All: Restores Either HP or SP (D Level) 56
350p Attack Up Single [Magic]: ATK.INT UP 54
250p Guard Up Single [Magic]: DEF.SPD  UP 42
300p Watcha up to? All Allies/Enemies: Who knows what will happen? Effect is totally random. It could even kill your entire party of can do that to the enemies as well. 77
400p Aero Shot Single [Magic]: Attack X HP 10s digit (E Level). Strength is gradually decreased. Self: HP -2%
450p Aqua Shot Line [Magic]: Attack (C Level) + INT UP 105
500p Heal 2 Single [Magic]: Restores HP (C Level) 50
550p Quick Call Single [Magic]: Instantly makes it the target’s turn. 100
600p Mass Shooting Single: Attack x HP 10s and 1s digit (F). Self: HP-23 162
650p Fire Storm Single [Magic]: Attack (A) + DEF 1 Down 165
700p Life Cure Single Ally [Magic]: Restores swoon with 25% HP 110
750p Heal 3 Single [Magic]: Restores HP (B) 130
800p Holy Shower All [Magic]: HP 10s & 1s digits random attack (E). Strength decreases gradually. Self: HP-2% 220
850p Heal All All [Magic]: Restores HP (C) 200
900p Save Me! Savior: All parameters 2 ranks UP. Restores all HP and SP 120
950p Satellite Veil Single: Makes skills temporarily ineffective 350
1000p Meteor Fall All [Magic]: 4 random attacks (B). Strength decreases gradually. Inflicts confusion. 333
1050p Heal All 2 All [Magic]: Restores HP (B) 350
1100p Priestess of Alora All: All parameters 2 ranks Up (except self). Restores or cures HP, SP and status completely. Self: HP & SP 1 640
Points Skill Description SP
Peak Bash Single: Attack (D Level). Causes Paralysis. 18
50p Stab Line: 2 attacks (E Level) 35
100p Chivalry Self: Attack Power increases by 1.3x (Multi-use: X, Not Possible) 45
150p Mow Down Line: Attack (D Level) + Slows down action speed. Toned down for Bosses. 62
200p Soaring Strike Single: Attack (C Level) Strength Against floating targets UP 78
250p Counter Slice Self: After receiving sustained normal damage, character counters with triple attack strength. 56
300p One Mind Self: DEF, INT 2 Ranks UP. Cures all abnormal status. 96
350p Skilled Slash All: Attack (D Level). Causes Paralysis. 94
400p Windmill Slash Column: Attack (C Level) Causes the enemy to face the other direction. 50% chance of failing. Boss: X 101
450p Soothe Vanguard: Causes Idle. Boss: Rare 58
500p Hard Slash Line: Attack (SS). Cancelled if attacked before casting. 160
700p Glare Vanguard: High Chance of Paralysis + Idle 85
550p 3-Step Cut Line: 3 attacks (D) 120
600p Sever Single: Attack (C) + Confusion. Strength against ground targets UP 118
650p Fiery Crescent Line [Magic]: Attack (C). Strength against Beasts, Marines and Plants UP 163
750p Adversity Line Attack 1~(S). Proportionate to remaining HP. Self: HP -30% 230
800p Lightning Flash Line [Magic]: Attack (B). Strength against Beasts and Marines UP 218
850p Matchless Pierce Line: Attack x 100s digit (E). Self: HP-280 252
900p Rending Slash Single: Attack (S) + Confusion. Strength against ground targets UP 320
950p Flash Swipe Self: For every turn of normal damage, counter attack (XX) + Paralysis
1000p Knights Honor Self: Normal attack damage dealt temporarily x 10s digit 320
1050p Grand Strike All: Attack (S) + Paralysis 640
1100p Deathbringer Line: Attack (X) 910
Points Skill Description SP
Wishful Overture Single: Attack (D Level). Causes random abnormal status 20
Guard Down Single [Magic]: Def. SPD DOWN 30
100p Window Side Lullaby Column: Causes Sleep 35
150 Attack Down Single [Magic]: ATK, INT DOWN 42
350p Healing Sonata Single: (E Level ) Damage restored as HP among party. 92
200p Roaring Flames All [Magic]: Attack (E Level) + DEF 1 Rank Down. Strength against Marines, Plants and Beasts UP 62
250p Mellifluous Serenade Single: Restores max SP 30%. Does not work on self. 55
Heroic Rhapsody Single: Temporary loss of control. Doubles attack and damage strength + SPD 2 Ranks UP. Boss: X 74
300p Hostile Waltz All: HP 10s & 1s digit divided by 2 random attacks (F Level). Self: HP-2% 64
400 Ocean Spray All [Magic]: Attack (D) + INT DOWN + POISON. Strength against Hominids UP 102
500p Golden Canon Single Ally: Gives 2 Burst Guage charges to an Ally. 88
450p Heroic Rhapsody Single: Temporary loss of control (Boss:X). Doubles attack and damage strength + SPD 2 ranks UP 74
550p Howling Gale All [Magic]: Attack (D) + Attack 1 Down. Strength against Plants and Hominids UP 118
600p Bastion Column: No damage for 1 turn. 140
650p Glistering Spark All [Magic]: Attack (C) + Paralysis & Idle. Strength against Hominids and Marines UP 170
700p Hymn of Betrayal Column: Attack (B) + Paralysis and Poison 196
750p Notus Concerto Single: Attack(D) Adds last 2 digits of damage divided by 2 as hits 200
800p Onslaught Fantasia All: 4~9 random attacks (E) 180
850p Unbegrudged Mercy All [Magic]: Attack (B) + Speed DOWN 244
900p Backup Plan Single Ally [Magic]: Revives with 25% HP and Instantly makes it the targets turn. 210
950p Heartless Anthem All [Magic]: Random attack times SP 1s digit. (E). Strength decreases gradually. 313
1000p Savage Blessing All Allies: Obtained experience and gold x4. Multi-use: X. (Stackable with Experience Orb, Gold Orb, Experience and Gold Flower.) 240
1050p Dark Refrain Vanguard: HP 10s & 1s digits random attack (E). Self: HP-2%. 360
1100p Catastrophe All [Magic]: Attack (A) + Poison & Paralysis 530