Skill List

Written by Azyleo

Points Skill Description SP
--- Triple Slice Single: Attacks 3 times (F Level ) 18
50p Moonlight Flash Single: Attack. Steals items at a fixed rate. 16
100p Dancing Warblade Vanguard: 3-5 random attacks (F). Attacks all enemies in Vanguard position 35
150p Roaring Arm Self: ATK UP, SPD UP, DEF DOWN, INT DOWN 32
200p Blazing Impulse Single [Magic]: Attack (C Level ). Strength against Marine, Beasts and Plants UP 84
250p Turbulent Slash Single: Attack (C Level). Adds Float. 88
350p Tension Up Self: ATK.INT.SPD UP 50
450p Perpetual Heist Single : Attack (F Level). Steals drop item 2 times. 60
300p Infinity Vanguard Single: Attack (F Level). Occasionally unleashes Level S damage. 75
400p Aero Slash Column [Magic]: Attack (C Level). Strength against floating targets UP. 112
500p Dancing Warblade 2 Vanguard: HP 10s digit random attack (E Level). Self: HP -2% 145
550p Calamity Single: Attack(A) Targets with Parameter UP effects have increased rate of swoon. Boss: X 142
600p Awakening Self: Double attack damage next turn. 92
650p Flowing Steel Line: Attack(B). Rearguard damage halved. 162
700p Dragon Upper Vanguard Single: Attack(B). Strength against floating targets and dragons UP. Strength is cumulative. 174
750p I’ll Protect You! Self: Take damage for Cynthia for 5 consecutive turns and counter with 8x the attack strength. 86
800p Dancing Warblade 3 Vanguard: HP 1s digit random attack C. Self: HP-13 290
850p Godspeed Vanguard Single: Attack(S) + INT 1 rank down. 330
900p Lightning Strike Vanguard Single [Magic]: Attack(A). Ignores parameter enhancing effects. 262
950p Conviction Slice Vanguard: Attack(A). Occasionally makes targets swoon after 3 counts. Boss: X 298
1000p Kreisian Rondo Vanguard Single: 3 Attacks (C) 350
1050p Destruction Vanguard Single: Character level x 200 damage. With exceptions and strength down on bosses 420
1100p End of Journey Line: Attack(S) If characters level is an odd number, damage is doubled. (Can seriously one shot bosses, if you increase all attack power prior to this attack.) 630
Points Skill Description SP
--- Heal Single [Magic]: Restores HP (D Level) 10
50p Cinders and Ashes Single [Magic]: 2 Attacks (E Level). Deals more damage on plant enemies. 20
100p Cure Single [Magic]: Cures all abnormal status. (Except rage and idle) 15
150p Wind Cutter Single [Magic]: Attack (C) + SPD DOWN 64
200p It’s Prayer time! All: Restores Either HP or SP (D Level) 56
350p Attack Up Single [Magic]: ATK.INT UP 54
250p Guard Up Single [Magic]: DEF.SPD  UP 42
300p Watcha up to? All Allies/Enemies: Who knows what will happen? Effect is totally random. It could even kill your entire party of can do that to the enemies as well. 77
400p Aero Shot Single [Magic]: Attack X HP 10s digit (E Level). Strength is gradually decreased. Self: HP -2%
450p Aqua Shot Line [Magic]: Attack (C Level) + INT UP 105
500p Heal 2 Single [Magic]: Restores HP (C Level) 50
550p Quick Call Single [Magic]: Instantly makes it the target’s turn. 100
600p Mass Shooting Single: Attack x HP 10s and 1s digit (F). Self: HP-23 162
650p Fire Storm Single [Magic]: Attack (A) + DEF 1 Down 165
700p Life Cure Single Ally [Magic]: Restores swoon with 25% HP 110
750p Heal 3 Single [Magic]: Restores HP (B) 130
800p Holy Shower All [Magic]: HP 10s & 1s digits random attack (E). Strength decreases gradually. Self: HP-2% 220
850p Heal All All [Magic]: Restores HP (C) 200
900p Save Me! Savior: All parameters 2 ranks UP. Restores all HP and SP 120
950p Satellite Veil Single: Makes skills temporarily ineffective 350
1000p Meteor Fall All [Magic]: 4 random attacks (B). Strength decreases gradually. Inflicts confusion. 333
1050p Heal All 2 All [Magic]: Restores HP (B) 350
1100p Priestess of Alora All: All parameters 2 ranks Up (except self). Restores or cures HP, SP and status completely. Self: HP & SP 1 640
Points Skill Description SP
--- Peak Bash Single: Attack (D Level). Causes Paralysis. 18
50p Stab Line: 2 attacks (E Level) 35
100p Chivalry Self: Attack Power increases by 1.3x (Multi-use: X, Not Possible) 45
150p Mow Down Line: Attack (D Level) + Slows down action speed. Toned down for Bosses. 62
200p Soaring Strike Single: Attack (C Level) Strength Against floating targets UP 78
250p Counter Slice Self: After receiving sustained normal damage, character counters with triple attack strength. 56
300p One Mind Self: DEF, INT 2 Ranks UP. Cures all abnormal status. 96
350p Skilled Slash All: Attack (D Level). Causes Paralysis. 94
400p Windmill Slash Column: Attack (C Level) Causes the enemy to face the other direction. 50% chance of failing. Boss: X 101
450p Soothe Vanguard: Causes Idle. Boss: Rare 58
500p Hard Slash Line: Attack (SS). Cancelled if attacked before casting. 160
700p Glare Vanguard: High Chance of Paralysis + Idle 85
550p 3-Step Cut Line: 3 attacks (D) 120
600p Sever Single: Attack (C) + Confusion. Strength against ground targets UP 118
650p Fiery Crescent Line [Magic]: Attack (C). Strength against Beasts, Marines and Plants UP 163
750p Adversity Line Attack 1~(S). Proportionate to remaining HP. Self: HP -30% 230
800p Lightning Flash Line [Magic]: Attack (B). Strength against Beasts and Marines UP 218
850p Matchless Pierce Line: Attack x 100s digit (E). Self: HP-280 252
900p Rending Slash Single: Attack (S) + Confusion. Strength against ground targets UP 320
950p Flash Swipe Self: For every turn of normal damage, counter attack (XX) + Paralysis
1000p Knights Honor Self: Normal attack damage dealt temporarily x 10s digit 320
1050p Grand Strike All: Attack (S) + Paralysis 640
1100p Deathbringer Line: Attack (X) 910
Points Skill Description SP
--- Wishful Overture Single: Attack (D Level). Causes random abnormal status 20
--- Guard Down Single [Magic]: Def. SPD DOWN 30
100p Window Side Lullaby Column: Causes Sleep 35
150 Attack Down Single [Magic]: ATK, INT DOWN 42
350p Healing Sonata Single: (E Level ) Damage restored as HP among party. 92
200p Roaring Flames All [Magic]: Attack (E Level) + DEF 1 Rank Down. Strength against Marines, Plants and Beasts UP 62
250p Mellifluous Serenade Single: Restores max SP 30%. Does not work on self. 55
Heroic Rhapsody Single: Temporary loss of control. Doubles attack and damage strength + SPD 2 Ranks UP. Boss: X 74
300p Hostile Waltz All: HP 10s & 1s digit divided by 2 random attacks (F Level). Self: HP-2% 64
400 Ocean Spray All [Magic]: Attack (D) + INT DOWN + POISON. Strength against Hominids UP 102
500p Golden Canon Single Ally: Gives 2 Burst Guage charges to an Ally. 88
450p Heroic Rhapsody Single: Temporary loss of control (Boss:X). Doubles attack and damage strength + SPD 2 ranks UP 74
550p Howling Gale All [Magic]: Attack (D) + Attack 1 Down. Strength against Plants and Hominids UP 118
600p Bastion Column: No damage for 1 turn. 140
650p Glistering Spark All [Magic]: Attack (C) + Paralysis & Idle. Strength against Hominids and Marines UP 170
700p Hymn of Betrayal Column: Attack (B) + Paralysis and Poison 196
750p Notus Concerto Single: Attack(D) Adds last 2 digits of damage divided by 2 as hits 200
800p Onslaught Fantasia All: 4~9 random attacks (E) 180
850p Unbegrudged Mercy All [Magic]: Attack (B) + Speed DOWN 244
900p Backup Plan Single Ally [Magic]: Revives with 25% HP and Instantly makes it the targets turn. 210
950p Heartless Anthem All [Magic]: Random attack times SP 1s digit. (E). Strength decreases gradually. 313
1000p Savage Blessing All Allies: Obtained experience and gold x4. Multi-use: X. (Stackable with Experience Orb, Gold Orb, Experience and Gold Flower.) 240
1050p Dark Refrain Vanguard: HP 10s & 1s digits random attack (E). Self: HP-2%. 360
1100p Catastrophe All [Magic]: Attack (A) + Poison & Paralysis 530