Sub Quests

Written by 3beez

1. Spice Dilemma

Client: Klesta in Khern

Description: "I'd like you to bring back some Tarmeg Seeds I use as a spice for making traditional dishes. You can pick them from the trees east of the village."

Reward: Heal Soup

2. Hunt for a Suitable Husband

Client: Carissa in Khern

Description: “Please help find Miss Crabz a suitable husband! (I could almost swear I saw a crab-looking something in that box in the Cottage in the Woods…)”

Reward: Speed Bottle

3. Pick Me a Rose, Please!

Client: Byancah in the Capital City

Description: "I want you to pick me a Blushing Rose from the Royal Garden. 1 will do, but 4 would be even better."

Reward for 4 Roses: Burst Pie x 3

4. Vines for Bundling

Client: Deyart in Trystelia Castle

Description: “I need some strong vines to bundle my weapons and armor. You can obtain them from the Evil Dionaea that roam near the capital. About 5 should do.”

Reward: Special Bottle x3

5. The Priestess' Insomnia

Client: Priestess in Roesch

Description: “I am suffering from insomnia due to the noise from the Brutal Ogres on Amnadi Hill. Please Defeat 8.”

Reward: Warding Card x8

6. Poko Left Behind

Client: Abyut in Cammer

Description: “My precious sheep, Poko, was accidentally left behind in Gaelan Woods. I’m begging you, please bring him back before he ends ups some monster’s lunch!”

Reward: Strength Drop x3

7. Food and Filial Piety

Client: Cynthia

Description: “I’d like to make some stew for my parents, so if you could help me collect 14 Rabbit Meat from the West Breezy Woods, I’d appreciate it!”

Reward: Burst Cake x2

8. Sweep of the Deep Woods

Client: Levan in Trystelia Castle

Description: “I need some help exterminating the Leafy Dionaea in Gaelan Woods. Report to me after you kill 13 of them!”

Reward: HP Drop

9. Making an Impression

Client: Schmied in Dawn Apostle Headquaters

Description: “Aside from Hudor, I would like you to gather Baby Monster Sketches drawn by the Wandering Artists in 4 other settlements!”

Reward: Resurrect Pie x3

10. The Day My Brides Vanished

Client: Meheres in Hudor

Description: “My 6 young sheep brides have been sent to the wrong towns by mistake! Please locate and bring them back!”

Reward: SPD x3

11. Monsters in the Spire

Client: Raci in Dawn Apostle Headquarters

Description: “Monsters have started wandering out of the Dawn Spire. Please defeat 20 Stray Ogres to stop this!”

Reward: Jelly Bucket x2

12. Aldea's Discontent

Client: Holy Brand, Aldea (after speaking to the robed figure in Village of Merhemes)

Description: “I request you search out the Superior Whetstones in the 4 shrines and deliver them to the blacksmith in Merhemes, so he can resharpen my blade!”

Reward: Ore (L) x4

How to unlock

(To initiate, speak to the robed blacksmith in Merhemes.)

Note: The three following sub quests aren't available until the second play through.

13. Paying Respect at a Grave

Client: Cynthia

Description: “I’d like you to help me find a flower in the mountains northwest of the capital to place at my parent’s grave in East Breezy Woods.”

Reward: Intelligence Drop x5

How to unlock

To initiate, speak to the elder in Kerhn.

14. Unexpected Work

Client: Laminah

Description: “I desire to obtain 10 Husky Pinchers from the Marine Cancers in the open sea and present them to my mother.”

Reward: Resurrect Pie x8

How to unlock

To initiate, speak to the woman, Laminah’s mother, in the house behind the Weapon’s Shop in Capital City.

15. The Meaning of a Necklace

Client: Anemos

Description: “The hopes and dreams etched into this necklace…If we travel to Yumarc Sanctuary, I might be able to learn more about what those are.”

Reward: Vitality Drop x6

How to unlock

Talk to man behind the inn sign at Apostle Headquarters to initiate the subquest. Then go to Yumarc Sanctuary and speak to the kid beside the inn. Take the map he provides and get the item. Return to the kid and give him the item.