Gatekeeper Guide

Written by MSG Commander

There are five gatekeepers in the game. Each one blocks the way to a deeper part of the dungeon they're in (and some really cool treasure). When you first encounter a gatekeeper, you're nowhere near strong enough to defeat them. When you are able to defeat a gatekeeper, the rest of that dungeon opens up.

The recommended levels on this page represent the lowest possible level at which you have a chance to win.

At these levels, some of the monsters may be too powerful (both the gatekeeper, and the monsters inside the depths). Or, you may just feel that it's too much of a challenge, in which case, if you level up a few times and strengthen your equipment to the highest available level, then it should be more manageable.

You don't have to fight any of the gatekeepers at the recommended level.

You can easily wait until you're 10 levels higher or more before you challenge most of the gatekeepers. Each of the depths does have at least one crafting recipe, but honestly none of them are recipes that you need to collect right away. (In fact, some of them will probably go completely unused.)

Earthdepths Lake

Recommended Level 25 or higher

Sad Wraith

This battle is one where you'll definitely want to have your Linked Skills available.

On your first turn, have Kline use Life Beat, have Alia use Guard Field, and have Paola use Quick Spoil. Then use their Linked Skill Last Judge.

If that doesn't kill Sad Wraith, then use Skyrange Slash, Holy Shot, and Element Chain (or you can bring in Fred, and use Swiftflash Dragon's Fang, but I wouldn't recommend it).

Keep everyone close to full health, and you shouldn't have any problems in this battle.

* The Pure White Ring boosts resistance for all elements.

Dust Hill

Recommended Level 27 or higher


Desert Knight

This guy is actually way easier than Sad Wraith.

Have Kline use Life Beat and Alia use Guard Field, and if you want, you can have Paola use Quick Spoil (although, the battle may not last long enough to need it.)

Then use Last Judge, and and if it doesn't kill him, finish him off with Skyrange Slash, Holy Shot, and Element Chain.

After you beat the Desert Knight, you should be strong enough to survive the battles in the depths. But if not, then just get the treasure, and get out.

Elyups Cave

Recommended Level 42 or higher *



On your first turn, have Kline, Fred, and Paola use the Linked Skill "Black Sheep." (Don't even bother stealing; it's not worth it.)

Now, on your second turn, switch out Fred and Paola for Vil and Alia, and have the two of them use the Linked Skill "Feeling Heart" while Kline uses either Life Beat or All-Power Assist.

Now, the rest of this battle all comes down to luck and timing. Have Alia use Energy Flow every turn - whether you think you need it or not. Have Kline use Ghost-wail Slash, and then use whatever other party member you want.

I kept Vil in my party, because he has high DEF and high HP, but it probably doesn't matter who your third party member is - just as long as you can keep one person alive long enough to deliver the killing blow.

Verdant Forest

Recommended Level 45 or higher



Have Alia use Brave Heart, Fred use Quick Spoil, and have Kline use Black Barrier (this will greatly reduce the damage Kline takes on this turn).

Then use the Linked Skill Deadly Rain to take his HP down to about a third. (Note: one or more party members will probably die on this turn.)

If everyone survives this round, have Alia start using Energy Flow on every turn.

Then have Kline use Ghost-wail Slash, and Fred use either Swiftflash Dragon's Fang, or Death Blade (Death Blade won't kill Rafflesia, but it does do decent damage.)

It'll take several rounds of Fred and Kline attacking and Alia healing, but if you're lucky you'll be able to beat him.

Once you've beat Rafflesia, you might as well get the treasure from Verdant Forest (depths).

Forest of Purity

Recommended Level 75

(you may be able to beat him at 70, if you're lucky)


Blue Dragon

weak against Fire

This is probably one of the hardest monsters in the game (well, so far at least).

Blue Dragon does a lot of damage, but it's mostly physical, so good armor and DEF boosting skills will be the key to victory here. (Make sure your armor is at least Silver Mail +3, Beast Vest +3, Hard Scale +3, and Gold Thread Robe +3.)

Start the battle with Alia, Fred and Paola. On your very first turn, use the Linked Skill "Vanishing Soul" to lower all of Blue Dragon's stats. If you don't do this, you will lose.

Now, I actually recommend switching over to Kline, Alia and Anne for the remainder of this battle. First, have Kline use Life Beat, have Alia use Brave Heart, and have Anne use Charge.

Now have Kline and Anne use their Linked Skill, Black Flame Blade.

Then on your next turn, start using Kline's Ghost-wail Slash or Black Flash Oblivion Blade, and Anne's Magma Edge. With Alia, just go back and forth between Holy Breath and Energy Flow (depending on Blue Dragon's attacks, you may need to use Energy Flow each turn).