Hints and Tips

Written by MSG Commander


The secret to beating this game the "easy" way is to raise all your Guardian Beast's AGL as high as you possibly can, and then set each Guardian Beast to "Guidance." Now, everyone's turn in battle will be determined by the Guardian Beast's AGL - which will always be higher than 99% of all enemies in the game (as long as you equip the maximum number of Feather Decorations or Feather Amulets, that is.)

Note: this also makes Fred's AGL completely unnecessary, which means you don't have to put Fred in your party for the AGL advantage he brings (but you'll probably want to keep him anyway, for his Steal skill).

Use Your Skills

Skills level up the more you use them, so it's important early on to identify the skills you most want to use, and then use them in every battle (whether you think you need to or not). Since you can change your party members in battle, it should be fairly easy to level up at least one or two really good skills per person.


Part of the key to success in this game is in crafting your weapons and armor. Often times, armor should actually take priority over weapons. (The one exception to this may be Kline's weapon, since most of his skills are attack-based.)

Powerful skills are more important than powerful gear; however, you should routinely strengthen your armor and weapons to the maximum level available.

Witch's Requests

As you progress through the story, you'll be able to unlock witch's requests in three different towns. Most of these requests will be something like, "Collect 10 Iron Ore Fragments," which you can then trade in for 1 Iron Ore.

These Collection Requests are extremely important!

When you complete a Collection Request, that material becomes available for purchase in the Supplies Shop, which can significantly reduce the amount of time you have to spend farming materials.

As you complete witch's requests and progress through the game, you'll be able to unlock more requests for greater rewards.

Partona Levels

(I don't know why they call it that; I have no idea what "Partona" even means!)

Each party member and each guardian beasts has its own Partona level. (Think of it as a trust level between that person and everybody else on the team.)

According to the in-game help, a person paired with a guardian beast with a high Partona level will function better than a person paired with a guardian beast with a low Partona level. Also, two people with a high Partona level will deliver a more powerful Linked Skill than two people with a low Partona level.

(That's literally all I know about Partona levels. Supposedly, there's some big advantage to having a high Partona level, but I never bothered with this one and I still completed the game, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.)