Location Walkthrough

Written by MSG Commander

This guide is intended to get you from the beginning of the game all the way through to the second (yes, second) ending. Each page has important information about what to do in that location, and also tells you where to go next to keep the story progressing. I've also included information about every Boss battle, including a suggested strategy (suggested because it may not be the best strategy, but it does work).

Using the Dungeon Maps

Every dungeon page in this guide has a corresponding page in the Dungeon Maps section. The Map page provides a detailed map, highlighting the Mining Point locations, treasure, and monsters and materials that are available in that location.

Look for this link in the top right corner of the walkthrough page in order to access the map:

Note that each Map page lists the monsters for that dungeon, as well as the item that monster drops, and what you can steal from them. The drop item is in blue, and the "steal" item is in red. These colors also correspond to the colors on the Material List and Monster List pages, for easy reference.


Like it or not, this is one game that does require a fair amount of grinding. There are a couple of specific places where grinding becomes really important. Look for the links in this guide that say "Grinding Time" to identify those instances.