Abyss Cliff

Written by MSG Commander

(This is a big dungeon, but there's no Boss battle to worry about, so that's nice.)

When you enter Abyss Cliff, Kline uses the Flame Sealing Sphere to get rid of the rocks.

After the dialogue, go north to the first screen. There are three exits on this screen to the south; they all lead to different parts of a screen that has no treasure and no Mining Points, so just skip all three of them.

Follow the path to exit 1A, getting the treasure and Mining Points along the way. Then go all the way through exit 2C, and then go through 1C to get to a large room with another treasure and four more Mining Points.

In this room, follow the path to the west as far as it will go. When the path splits, go east for a Mining Point, and then go west and go down the stairway. Collect the Mining Point, then go all the way to the north for two more Mining Points.

Now take the path to the east to get treasure T2 - a Goddess Amulet.

(One of the best treasures in the game, the Goddess Amulet increases your resistance to all abnormal states and status down effects.)

Now you can leave this room, and go back to 2C. From here, take exit 3A in the center of the screen.

Go all the way to 5A, and after the dialogue, go through 6A and 6B. Now go back to 5A, then south to exit 2D, and then follow the path to 1B to get two more treasures. Now go back to room 5A, and take exit 5B in the east.


Go northeast to exit 6C and you'll run into Orgadion and some Holy Messengers. Orgadion is excited to see that both Kline and Fred are alive. He asks about the other people with you, and Kline explains that they're friends. Kline says that Fred needs malevolence extraction, and then the game cuts to Shinenrose.