Alia’s Spirit

Written by MSG Commander

When you left off, Alia was in serious danger of dying.

In order to stop her body from breaking up, Letz tells Kline to put her Shell-Lapis in Alia's body. But she's still in really bad shape, so the party takes her to Vaneisha Village where she can rest, and you can try to figure out how to save her.

Despite Paola's best efforts, Alia is getting worse. Paola suggests you go see Rumonie, and Josh says his teacher might have an idea how to help. When the dialogue ends, go to Mitinpatin Town and talk to Rumonie.

Rumonie and Kalysha

Rumonie says she doesn't know how to help, but Kalysha might. Rumonie says Kalysha left a message for you, that it's now safe for you to go to Shinenrose.

Go to Shinenrose and head for the throne room. Kalysha says she's seen the same thing happen sometimes in a Malevolence Extraction Ceremony, but whenever it does, the person always dies.

Paola says Alia's spirit absorbed all the Darkness after defeating the High Beast Lord, and now she may never be able to recover. Paola seems to believe that Alia is already a lost cause, but Epsilon says you shouldn't give up just yet.

After the dialogue, head for the main gate for some random dialogue, then go to Avis Gate and go through the Distortion to the Other World.

Uranus and Lagomorph

In the Other World, Uranus says there's nothing you can do to save Alia, and the best thing for her would be to just let her die. But Kline refuses to accept what Uranus tells him. Lagomorph encourages Kline not to give up, and then he sends you back through the Distortion.

Rooselevy - Not the God of Death?

Go back to Vaneisha Village and go to Ronan's house. Kline goes outside to get some air, and he gets into an argument with Rooselevy (who's refusing to help Alia). Then, he finds out the truth about his partner.


It turns out, Rooselevy is not just an ordinary Guardian Beast.

He's the Respondent! (Remember the Chronicles talked about the King of Evil and the Respondent? The Respondent is a being with the ability to do anything, to grant anything - and that being is indeed Rooselevy.)

Rooselevy tells Kline he's the being in charge of wishes. He was born into your world in order to oppose the High Beast Lord, and balance the justice the High Beast Lord was trying to bring to the world.

After the dialogue, Rooselevy decides to respond to Kline's wish to save Alia.

It's now possible to enter the world of Alia's spirit. Once inside, your mission is to find Alia, and convince her to come back with you to the real world.