Avis Gate

Written by MSG Commander

After the dialogue between Alia and Paola, follow the path through exit A and exit B for a couple of Mining Points, then go back and take exit 1A to enter the first cave.

Inside the cave, follow the path across the first stairway. Go north and take exit 1B to get treasure T1 - a Claw Decoration.

Now go back into the cave and take the path to the west. When the path splits, go south for a couple of Mining Points, then go to the north. Take the exit in the northwest to a side room with treasures T2 and T3: a Cureall and a Reviving Potion. Go back to the main area and take exit 1C to get out of the cave.

Take exit C to get treasure T4 - 460G, then go back and follow the path to treasure T5 - a Silver Frost Talisman.

Now go to the northeast to reach the entrance to the second cave. Inside this cave is another Boss battle.

When you enter the cave, monsters appear. Alia is overwhelmed, and fears she's reached the end of the road. Just then, Letz appears and partners with Alia, and then you get to fight the monster.

Boss Battle

Mother Eater

Mother Eater, Man Eater x2

Use Weakness (Alia and Paola's Linked Skill) to lower the enemy stats, then have Alia use Holy Shot on the Man Eaters, while Paola uses Lightning Bolt on Mother Eater.

These monsters resist Light magic, but even so Holy Shot is Alia's strongest attack.

Be sure to use Emergency Aid if anyone's HP drops below 100.

Kill the Man Eaters first, then give Mother Eater everything you've got.

After the battle, you get the Darkness Lily Bulb and go back to Dust Hill, where Paola is able to restore Kline to full health. There's a ton of dialogue, and near the end of it all Kline says you should investigate to find out what turned the Lipsia Tribe into Changeforms, and whether or not the same thing could happen anywhere else. Your next destination is Naud Hamlet.

When the dialogue ends, you can leave the dungeon, or you can collect the Mining Points. There's treasure in Dust Hill, but you can't get to it until you beat the gatekeeper.

The Chronicles

When you exit Dust Hill, Paola tells you about the Chronicles, historical writings that can be found in many lands around the world. The Chronicles contain truths about the world that people have long since forgotten. According to Paola, nobody knows when the Chronicles were made, or who wrote them (or even where in the world to find them...)

She also gives you your first Crafting Recipe - Magic Sword (1). With this, you can strengthen Kline's weapon. (I recommend the Ice Sword, as the next dungeon you enter will have a lot of Flame-based monsters.)

When you're ready, go to Naud Hamlet to continue the story.