Black Desert of Deem

Written by MSG Commander

When you enter the Black Desert of Deem, there's a heavy sandstorm, making it almost impossible for Kline and Alia to see where they're going. Kline wants to turn back, but Alia insists that you need to keep going.

On the first screen, get treasure T1 - a Bronze Decoration, then take the north exit, and follow the path through exits B and C, to treasure T2 - a Heal Pot.

Now go back around, and go east through exit D. You'll now be in a part of the desert that is not shown on the Map. This screen and the one after it only appear on your first time through the desert (and there's nothing of value on either screen).

Go east again, and Kline says the storm is too bad, and you should turn back.

Kline will say he's lost, but Alia will insist on pushing on, and then you'll come to a small village in the middle of the desert.

The Varsh Tribe

Sure enough, the Varsh Tribe is here. They claim they're making a pilgrimage to the Holy Place, and that they have no issue with the Lipsia Tribe, and are not looking for any trouble. They invite you to stay until the storm passes - but they have other plans in mind...

After the dialogue, open the treasure for a Magic Power Seed, then exit the building. The storm has passed, but another Vasist has appeared, and he's looking for his sacrifices! (Looks like the Varsh Tribe left Kline and Alia to be sacrificed to their gods!)

Boss Battle



For an easy victory, use the Linked Skill "Cross Brink," and then follow it up with Holy Shot and Black Flame Slash.

Juron should go down in about three or four rounds.