Crafting and accessories

Written by MSG Commander


Every party member starts with a basic weapon and armor that can be strengthened and evolved by collecting the right crafting recipes and materials. In order to beat the game, you do not need to craft everyone's "ultimate weapon." The only one I really recommend is Kline's Ragnarok, and even that doesn't have to be strengthened to +5, although every little bit does help.

Typically, you want to strengthen everyone's armor as high as you can whenever you get a new crafting recipe. Again, armor doesn't have to be maximum level +3, but you should try to aim for keeping everyone's armor as high as you possibly can.


This is one of those rare Kemco games where accessories are actually required in order to win certain Boss battles. Late in the game, a lot of Bosses use skills that inflict status effects, like Flinching, Confusion, Poison, Sleep, etc. Without accessories to block these effects, you're almost guaranteed to lose these battles.


So, to put this all together, I recommend from this point forward that you start using skills in just about every random encounter. Identify the skills you want to master, and use them the most. (You can always swap characters when one runs out of SP, or you can use Energy Drinks and such to restore SP if you want to.)

The Skill List identifies recommended skills to master, but again, the choice is ultimately yours.

Buy the recommended Magic Meteorites as soon as they become available, and master each one (you don't have to use the skills right away, but if you master the meteorite then you'll be able to use the "all" skill when you need it).

Do your best to strengthen everyone's weapon, but focus mostly on Kline and Fred. You will want Kline to have Ragnarok, but it doesn't have to be +5 if you get tired of grinding.

Strengthen everyone's armor to the highest level, but don't worry about getting it to +3 if you don't want to.

In a lot of Kemco games, status effects don't really make that much difference, but in this one it literally is the difference between victory and defeat.