Elyups Cave

Written by MSG Commander

Recommended Level 22 or higher

When you enter Elyups Cave, Paola says that she and Ronan both had the same teacher - and that Ronan killed their teacher, and that's the reason Paola has such strong feelings towards her. Paola says her teacher was one of the best witches of her time, but she had some dangerous views, and that's most likely what got her killed.

Once the dialogue ends, it's time to find the Undiluted Magma.

From the entrance, head for the southern exit (2A on the Map). Go around the lava field, and head to the northeast and take exit 2B to the next screen.

Go north to get your second Crafting Recipe - Battle Girl. Now take the path to the west and take exit 1B to the next screen.

The north exit on this screen (2D) will ultimately take you where you want to go, but first, take exit 1C. On the next screen, collect the Mining Point, then go through exit 1D.

You're now on the northern tip of the Entrance. Collect the Mining Point, and get the treasure for 1140G, then go back one screen and take exit 2C to get an Agility Seed.

Now, exit this room and go back through exit 1C. Then take exit 2D. Collect the Mining Point, then go north until you see a giant green lizard on the screen. This is your next Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Ugly Dragon

Ugly Dragon

On your first turn, have Kline use Life Beat, Alia use Guard Field, and Paola use Quick Spoil.

Assuming everyone survives to the second round, use the Linked Skill 'Last Judge' to take off most of Ugly Dragon's HP.

(If you can't use Last Judge, or if somebody dies before you get to use it, retreat from the battle, make sure everyone's Assault Value is 100%, and then try again.)

If you're lucky, Last Judge will kill the Ugly Dragon.

If not, have Alia use Ice or Holy Shot, and Kline use All-Cure on every turn, and Paola can use whatever - most likely Lightning Bolt will be her best skill.

This can be a hard battle if you're unable to kill him with one Last Judge. You may have to try a few times before you can win.

Be sure to watch everyone's health!

This guy gives a ton of EXP, and anyone who's dead at the end of the battle doesn't get ANY of it.

After the battle, go north to collect the Undiluted Magma, and then go back to Vaneisha Village.