Ensen Hamlet

Written by MSG Commander

Here, you need to talk to the Elder about getting the Flame Moss refined. The Elder's house is in the far north, but before you go, there's treasure to find.

Treasure Hunting

Search the pot in the Fortune-teller's house for a Feather Decoration, then search the pot outside her house for 130G. Now go west, and search the pot in the Supplies Shop for a Technique Strength Seed.

Head toward the home in the far north, but before you go in, search the pot outside for a Heal Pot. Now you can enter the Elder's house.

Blazing Sand

The Elder goes off to refine the Flame Moss, and while you're waiting, Alia's friend Jeanna tells her that members of the Varsh Tribe have been seen lately in the Black Desert of Deem. After getting the Blazing Sand, Alia says she wants to go investigate the Desert to see if the rumors are true.