Five Beasts

Written by MSG Commander

Go to the Chief's house in Vaneisha Village (way up in the north of town) and talk to the Varsh Tribe man inside. He tells you the Chief is at the Village of the Lipsia Tribe, trying to get the Darkness there under control.

Go to the Village of the Lipsia Tribe. The Varsh Tribe Chief is there, and he and other Varsh Tribe members are facing off against a number of Changeforms being led by a Battle Maiden.

Vil discovers that Alia's a Battle Maiden, and he reveals a huge secret.


The Battle Maidens of the Lipsia Tribe have all been implanted with Crystals of Darkness - and they're not from Heaven like the stories say, but are in fact modified humans from Illumica. The Crystals of Darkness give Battle Maidens the ability to control Changeforms - which was all part of the High Beast Lord's plan from the beginning.

After the dialogue, your party rushes to help the Varsh Tribe defeat the Changeforms. As they're fighting, the Darkness in Lipsia becomes so thick that your party can no longer move, all while more and more Changeforms are joining the battle. Then something happens to Kline, and he somehow dispels the Darkness and destroys the Changeforms all in the blink of an eye.

Alia kills the Battle Maiden, but then she struggles with the knowledge that the High Beast Lord created her to be a killing machine.

Kline explains to the Chief how they're trying to stop Chronos, and the Chief tells you that the Varsh Tribe is dedicated to cleaning up the Darkness to prevent Chronos from running amok. Apparently there's a legend among the Varsh Tribe, that says if the Vasist King Chronos gains power, death will come to the world. That's why the Varsh Tribe worship the Guardian Beasts, because they know they can clean up the Darkness and prevent the end of the world.

The Chief explains that the Varsh Tribe has lived alongside the Guardian Beasts for ages, and they've worked together to maintain balance in Laft. But Chronos is too powerful to be controlled by humans, and so the only way to keep him in check is to keep the Darkness to a minimum.

Kline says they're hoping to defeat Chronos, but they need three more Guardian Beasts to do it. The Chief agrees to lend you three beasts, starting with the Guardian Beast Regius. He says to find the other two, you just need to find two Vasists who haven't formed partnerships yet.

Then, another Gray Sage appears. But instead of attacking you himself, somehow this Sage is able to control the High Beast Taurus, and orders him to attack you!

Boss Battle



Taurus is tough, no doubt about it. His attacks can be really powerful (especially if your armor is still low, as mine was). One or more party members may die in this battle.

For starters, put Kline, Fred and Paola in your party and use Black Sheep (or any attack-based Linked Skill of your liking).

Then bring in Alia and have her use Brave Heart, while Kline uses Life Beat and Fred uses Quick Spoil. Then have Kline use Iron-break Slash followed by Ghost-wail Slash, and Fred use Swiftflash Dragon's Fang until Taurus dies (meanwhile, use Alia to heal everybody).

After the battle, Taurus is back to normal, and the Gray Sage is gone.

The party starts to talk about how to find two more High Beasts, and Josh says he's got the solution - he's found someone who knows where to find a Guardian Beast! Josh calls in a Man who tells you that you can find a Guardian Beast in the Forgotten Ruins to the northeast, so that's where you're headed next.

Note: when you Exit the Village of the Lipsia Tribe, both the Forgotten Ruins and the Realm of Swelling Darkness are unlocked. Now every location in the game is open (although, you still can't enter the Realm of Swelling Darkness until you have five Guardian Beasts).

Also, if you go to Vaneisha Village now, a whole new set of witch's requests is available.