Grinding Time, Take Three

Written by MSG Commander

Well, here it is - the moment you've all been dreading: it's finally time to do some serious grinding.

Before you go on to the final showdown with Chronos, you need to level up quite a bit, and strengthen everyone's weapons and armor.

Before you face Chronos again, you absolutely must get everyone's equipment strengthened as high as you possibly can.


Strengthen everyone's armor to Level Four (Gigant Mail, Dragon Vest, Dragon Scale, and Moonlight Robe. They don't need to be +3 as long as they're Level Four).


Strengthen Kline's weapon to Ragnarok (+ whatever you levels you can get).

Strengthen Alia's weapon to Royal Rosetta.

Strengthen Vil's wepaon to Calibara +5 or Brionac.

Don't worry so much about Anne's weapon; you probably won't use her all that much.

Strengthen Fred's weapon to Double Dragon Sword +5 or Moonbeam Sword.

Strengthen Paola's weapon to Bewitched Dignity Flower +5

Witch's Requests

I also recommend you complete all but maybe one or two of the witch's requests. (Talk to the witch in Vaneisha Village to unlock the last few requests there. They're all "Boss" type requests, and I recommend you do each one of them before going on.)

About the only thing you won't be able to complete yet, is the Copper Dragon and the White Pancho. You'll actually want to save these two for later, anyway, as attempting to fight them now will only lead to your defeat.


Go ahead and challenge any gatekeepers you have not defeated yet.

You may be able to defeat the Gatekeeper in the Forest of Purity now, if you're extremely lucky (but if not, you don't have to beat him before your final showdown with Chronos).


Raise the level on Holy Breath and Crusade as high as you can (you may want to buy a second Repulsing Light Stone, so you can equip two characters with Crusade - although that may be overdoing it).

Also, max out any physical skills like Ghost-wail Slash, Swiftflash Dragon's Fang, and Mighty Lance, as well as healing skills like Energy Flow, Grand Heal, and All-Cure Full.


You should be able to handle Aklord and the Forest of Purity now. If you beat the Gatekeeper in the Forest of Purity (depths), you can collect Materials from there to strengthen your equipment, but the monsters might be too strong for you right now.

Finally, make sure your Guardian Beasts are all set to Guidance, and equip each of them with 2 or 3 Feather Amulets (this will greatly increase your chances of getting the first turn in every round of the coming Boss battles.)

Before you face Chronos, your best bet is to be at least Level 70. (Even then, it may take more than one attempt to beat the Boss after Chronos, so you may want to hold out until you're Level 75 or higher, if you can stand all the grinding.)