Grinding Time, Take Two

Written by MSG Commander

When you enter the Forgotten Ruins, you will be STUCK inside until you beat the Boss (which, at your current level most likely means a couple hours of grinding before you're strong enough to beat him).

It's much better to grind now, than to be stuck grinding in the Ruins, where you won't be able to collect all the Materials you may need.

Specifically, before you go:


Strengthen all armor to Level 3 (Silver Mail, Hard Scale, Gold Thread Robe, and either Beast Vest or Misty Dress for Alia)


Strengthen most of your weapons to Level 3 (Claymore, Wave, Bewitched Dignity Flower, Double Dragon Sword, and Calibara. Calibara is technically a Level 2 weapon, but you don't have the recipe for Vil's Level 3 weapon yet.)

Witch's Requests

Do as many witch's requests as you possibly can (obviously, you'll have to save the ones in the Forgotten Ruins and the Realm of Swelling Darkness for later. You can also skip the requests in Aklord and the Forest of Purity for now.)


Challenge the Gatekeepers in Elyups Cave and Verdant Forest. (Don't worry if you're not strong enough to survive the battles in Verdant Forest (depths); just beat the Gatekeeper, get the treasure, and get out.)


Be sure to get all the treasure that you can up to this point (basically everything but the Forgotten Ruins, Realm of Swelling Darkness, and Forest of Purity (depths).

(You can save Aklord and the Forest of Purity until after you've completed the Forgotten Ruins.)