Guide to the world of Alia’s Spirit

Written by MSG Commander

If you enter this dungeon around Level 70 or so, the monsters will seem over-powered. You can either accept that you might occasionally die in a random encounter, or you can do some more grinding and come back after a few more levels.

Each screen in this dungeon is taken from an earlier location. You start in the small room from the Mine, and the next screen is from Earthdepths Lake.

Earthdepths Lake

On this screen, there's a phantom image of Alia. Talk to her to progress the story line.

(I'm intentionally leaving out details here, so as not to spoil anything.)

There's also two treasures on this screen that you can't get to yet - but don't worry, you can access these treasures from the next screen.

Black Desert of Deem

The third screen is from the Black Desert of Deem. There's a treasure at the north end of this screen - an Elixir.

Also, if you enter and exit the house Kline and Alia stayed in, it leads to two treasures on the Earthdepths Lake screen - a Pure White Talisman and Magic Weapons Mania Special Edition.

Exiting Earthdepths Lake puts you in the house on the west side of the desert. Enter the remaining house to reach an Elyups Cave screen.

Elyups Cave

The exit from this screen leads to a screen from Mishisha Cave.

Mishisha Cave

The next four screens are from Mishisha Cave. On the fourth screen there's another phantom image of Alia.

Forest of Purity

The next screen is from the Forest of Purity. There's treasure on this screen, at the end of the path that would normally lead to the Forest of Purity (depths) - a Goddess Eye.

The exit to the next screen is on the upper northeast side, and it leads to a screen from Aklord.


The next screen is from Aklord. There's another treasure here, in the southwest corner - a Soulspring Necklace. The exit from this screen leads to a screen from the Holy Place, Elfoss.

The Holy Place, Elfoss.

The next screen is from the Holy Place. On this screen, there's another phantom image of Alia.

If you take the west or east exit from this screen, it just brings you back to the same screen. Take the south exit to a screen from the Realm of Swelling Darkness.

Realm of Swelling Darkness

Follow the path around to a second screen from the Realm of Swelling Darkness, where you finally find Alia and convince her to return with you.


Once Alia decides to come back with Kline and the others, Letz leaves Alia’s body. Then, Letz reveals a secret about her true nature – Letz was once the Queen of Darkness!

Much like the High Beast Lord, the Queen of Darkness was defeated in the Other World. But it was the Queen of Darkness who created the Distortion between the two worlds, that later made it possible for the High Beast Lord to come to this world, and plot to overthrow it.

But the Queen of Darkness (Letz) lost her memory when she passed through the Distortion, and was reborn as a Guardian Beast.

Through the course of her travels with your party, Letz has gone from the being of ultimate chaos, to the Guardian Beast of Hope.

As soon as Letz finishes telling her story, Rooselevy appears, but he says before he can wake up Alia, you need to come find him deeper in Alia's spirit.

Forgotten Ruins

The final screen in the world of Alia's Spirit is from the Forgotten Ruins. Go north through the doorway, and watch the scene. Rooselevy says if you want him to join Alia's spirit to her body, you have to defeat him in battle!

Boss Battle



Recommended Level 75 or higher

weak against Light

For this battle, I used Fred, Alia, Paola, and (sometimes) Kline.

While Fred steals the Elixir, have Alia use Brave Heart and Paola use Spiritual Strength Extended.

Then on your next turn, use their Linked Skill Vanishing Soul. Now, have Alia use Holy Breath and Paola use Crusade, and either have Fred use Swiftflash Dragon's Fang, or bring Kline into the battle and use Ghost-wail Slash. (Don't use Black Flash Oblivion Blade, since Rooselvey is strong against Darkness.)

If you want to, you can use Kline, Vil, and Anne's Linked Skill "Blood Sign" to raise Kline's Critical Hit rate - just switch back to Kline, Alia and Paola afterwards, so you can keep using your Light skills as well.

If Brave Heart or other status buffs wear off, be sure to recast them. Remember to watch everyone's HP, and use Energy Flow as needed.

There is a chance that one or more party members may die in this battle. If this happens, you can try to revive them, or just switch them out for someone else.

After the battle, the game cuts to Vaneisha Village. Alia is safely back in the real world, and it looks like your journey is about to come to an end.


As everyone starts planning the celebration, a noise is heard from outside. Ronan comes in and says that they've been experiencing earthquakes in Laft, and she senses an incredibly powerful Darkness spreading across the land. It seems the High Beast Lord is still on the loose in the Realm of Swelling Darkness!

Looks like there's still one more to battle to go...

(Note: even now, you can still return to the world of Alia's spirit through the portal in Ronan's house.)