Written by MSG Commander

When you enter the Mine, Josh says he knows a place where you can observe the enemy without being spotted. The only problem is, he's forgotten the way. It's really nothing to worry about though, because as you explore the mine, Josh will tell you if he thinks you're going in the wrong direction.

Start heading for treasure T1 in the northeast corner. There'll be a bit of dialogue, and then you're clear all the way to the treasure. Once you've got it, take the path to the west, and you'll come to a ledge in the center of the map that lets your party look down on the western path.

Dark Matter

Anne and Vil start spying on some people from the Amm Tribe who are collecting Dark Matter. While they're watching, the people are attacked by the Lipsia Tribe, who's after the Dark Matter. The Amm Tribe Sub-Chief releases the Darkness inside the Dark Matter, and summons a Vasist which then proceeds to kill everyone but Alia, a Battle Maiden of the Lipsia Tribe.

Kline sees that Alia's in trouble, and rushes to help. (Meanwhile, Vil and Anne return to Illumica.)

Boss Battle



This is your first Boss battle, and you're going to end up fighting this guy twice (but each time is actually quite easy). Have Kline use Black Flame Slash, and Alia use Fire. (Be sure to use Emergency Aid when needed!)

When you run out of SP, just use your regular attack to finish him off.

Vasist doesn't have much in the way of HP; however, his attacks will do significant damage to Alia, so make sure to watch her health. Use your skills until they run out, then just attack until he's dead. The whole battle shouldn't last more than four or five rounds.

Boss Battle



This time, it's the Vasist versus Kline and Rooselevy.

You can't control Rooselevy's attacks, so just have Kline use Black Flame Slash like before (or just Attack, if you're short the SP).

Rooselevy will most likely use Dead Claw, and the battle will be over in about three rounds.

After this battle, Alia wakes up, and Kline passes out. There's a scene with a bunny rabbit in a strange room (?), and then the game cuts to Kline and Alia in the Village of the Lipsia Tribe.